Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's behind the Veil?

I personally feel that a veil totally and absolutely makes a bride..... well, a bride. I mean not every brides wants to wear a veil and that's totally okay!

But personally, you can get dressed up in a White Couture Gown, and a tiara any day! I mean I wear that to work on a normal Wednesday... but when you put on a veil, you are totally and absolutely without question, A Bride!

But when you put a piece of tulle on a clip - it can cost you a pretty penny! Sometimes in upwards of $300!

Here's a budget sensible alternative - I've had my brides use one particular store on eBay for a while, and have not yet been disappointed!! She always delivers a beautiful product, and can customize the colors if you need her too!
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