Monday, April 28, 2008

I love my job!

I love people! I think it's something that you need when you plan events for, well, people.

This weekend we were blessed to plan a Graduation Party for one of my dear friends Kathy's daughter, Kristin. It was so much fun for us to help make Kristin's dreams for her party come true, and to see just how much fun they all had!

I think as wedding and event planners we sometimes forget that the events we plan truly bring people together, people that haven't seen each other in a long time, people that love each other. The saying goes that families only really get together for weddings and funerals - which is sad but true.

But our business is really about people. Helping people. Helping them ease their minds and hearts of "planning" that can frustrate and really over-whelm them. And it's our job to make sure that they enjoy the party and make the party happen in some instances.

I think we just need to remember, it's all about the people. I have a passion for people - I have a passion for making people's dreams come true. No matter what it takes.

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