Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend with the Twins!

I had a great time with my nieces (and my Sister, and my Brother-in-Law) this weekend! My sister and brother were fantastic hosts!

My nieces are growing up so fast! Everyday its something new, and I was honored to teach Sydney how to do a somersault while I was there!

Our schedule included going to see The Doodlebops, Live! That was a treat to see how mesmerized they were with Rooney, Deedee and Moe! My sister and I got into the action with Deedee wigs, cute, no? We all ate the largest strawberries in the world (seriously, 6" strawberries)!
And of course I had to spoil them just a weee bit at the toy store.

Here are some snap shots of our weekend.

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