Monday, June 30, 2008

New Favorite!

Have you seen Southern Weddings Blog!!! It's my new favorite! You must add it your Google Reader, Favorites, Linkbacks, whatever you do, you've gotta do it now!
Great Weddings, Great Contests, Great Stuff.... check it out!

What I used in the Wedding Bag!

Our "What I used in the Wedding Bag" Series has moved to a more appropriate home, Be A Planner!

Be sure to check out Be A Planner for it's fun updates and great articles!

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Blue and Brown, Revisited

Christina in my office did this board! She has got the hang of this doesn't she!
This is for the fundraising event for Queen of Peace Academy and their colors are Blue and Brown, this is one of our inspirations another next week, whattcha think?

Sources:M&Ms, French macaroons, Cappuccino, Shoe, Welcome bag, Suit, Cootie catcher,
Favor gift cards, Motorcycle, Cupcakes, Chocolates, Brown dress

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cake Week has come to a Close

How fun has Cake Week been!

Here at the office we are on a total sugar rush!

If you need more cake, check out Let's Eat Cake! we feature a new cake with every post!

KB Kake Week!

I personally feel we saved the best for last!!! Kathy and Erika from KB Kake Kreations are some of the most fantastic people - PERIOD... but really are the best you will/can work with in the Gainesville wedding industry.

Not only do they make gorgeous cakes, but they are also super sweet themselves. Their specialty cakes will make your wedding memorable! They can customize anything your little heart desires and are always open to new ideas! The groom’s cakes are always a hit.

The signature (and most popular) flavors at KB Kake Kreations are Signature Wedding White with Raspberry filling and The Chocolate Truffle with Ganache. Both of which are oh so tasty!

Although these are their most popular combinations, you can create your own dream cake from a variety of flavors.

Not only are these cakes a looker…but they taste amazingly delicious too! Kathy only accepts one wedding per weekend, so be sure to reserve your date as soon as possible, she fills up fast!

To learn more about KB Kake Kreations, visit their new and improved website and brand spaking new blog.

Thank you Kathy and Erika for allowing us to feature you in MasterPiece Weddings Cake Week 2008!
{written mostly by Bossy Intern Kristin}

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Lovin'

My sister just sent me some pictures of my nieces! And they are just too adorable, so I had to share!

{Peyton with her shades ready for the pool}

{Sydney thinks the water's just fine}

{Peyton is all too pretty in her dress}

So sorry for the wedding interruption, but I thought those were too fun to not share them with you!

More Cake Week!

Cakes by Jenny is actually one of the first cake company I worked with as a Wedding Planner in Gainesville!- 13 years ago!! She is amazing! These pictures don't even do her justice!!!

She is thoughtful and meticulous, and she'll do anything you need! In fact, I remember a time, a client of mine was trying to figure out what to do for a grooms cake, and we started talking about things he liked, her list included: Watching TV, playing basketball and drinking beer, I suggested a replica of HIS chair, and Jenny came up with this:

Jenny even does Cheesecake Wedding Cakes! Her cakes are delicious and beautiful - she even opened up a little dessert bakery in Downtown Gainesville! So if you are ever in the area, check out Cakes!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ritzy Wedding!

I was listening to my favorite radio station today 106.9 WKZY and Jack Weston does this hilarious thing called Dating Dictionary and this morning I pee'd my pants when I heard:

Cheese Whiz Wedding - A wedding so tacky, classless, tasteless and gaudy that it can only be described as 6 inches of spray-can cheese on a soggy Ritz Cracker.

Thanks for the laugh, Jack Weston!

Cake Week!!!

This week is so fun! I hope you are enjoying Cake Week as much as we are around here! I think just checking out these images are giving us all a sugar rush around here at MasterPiece Weddings!
This next Pastry Chef is new to our area, we are all swooning over her cakes! And trust me they taste as good as they look, which is a huge plus!

Posh Pastry is new to the area, but taking it by storm! She is competing in Let's Eat Cake! Which I am personally very excited about. Aren't her cakes beautiful!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Contact Update

If you haven't been able to reach us using the email address on our "Contact Page" of our website.... well, that's because the email address was linking incorrectly.

It's fixed! Hooray!

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you!

Cake Week Continues!

So, sometimes you find yourself in a very tight budget and don't or can't spend $6+ per slice for cake. So, what is a bride to do??

How about check out your local Publix! Yes, I said Publix! If you aren't blessed enough to have a Publix (a chain of Southern Grocery Stores) check and see if your local grocery store has GOOD wedding cakes.
Publix happens to do a great tasting cake, and it their cakes look nice too! And they charge way less than $4 per slice! Sometimes $2-$3 per slice, they do a beautiful fondant, and each of their pastry chefs go through a rigorous training program.
Don't be scared... trust me no one but you will know!

Monday, June 23, 2008

What I used in the Wedding Bag!

We had a beautiful fairytale wedding this past weekend in Tampa! Laura and Jason's dreams came true, and we were blessed to be apart of it!
Here's what we used from our Wedding Bag:

Deodorant- The Jr. Bridesmaid needed some help in this department, and was so excited to see we were prepared!

Diaper Pins - The train wouldn't bustle, the French Bustle wasn't cooperating , so we improvised and pinned it, worked like a charm!

Safety Pins - Fix a rouge button and secure some cleavage.

Stain Stick - One of the bridesmaids got a little heavy handed with her dark colored beverage. Or maybe she was dancing with it??

A Black Pen- The Officiant didn't have a black pen - and you need one for the Marriage License.

Vaseline- To "lube" the rings, everyone was nervous and sweaty... when you are "nerveaty" you swell, the lube job helps things move along easier.
Bandaids - For ME! I was putting flowers in the bridemaids hair and sliced my hand pretty good. As to not get blood on the bride's dress... I had to band-aid myself up!

I love how you always need to use the same things, but in different ways... And I absolutely love being prepared!

Cake Week Starts.... NOW!

So all this talk about Let's Eat Cake! and that's all I am thinking about - Cake!!!

So, this whole week is going to be dedicated to pastry chefs and wedding cake! We'll talk about what they specialize in, and one of my favorite aspects of each baker.

Keep in mind, each city has it's own gems of talented pastry chefs, so don't be scared taste and beauty are key! They need to look good, but definitely taste good too!
Let's start with Ms. Debbie (not the hostess cupcake baker) but a woman with the same name and the same knack for cake! Her cakes are delicious! She is quite an artist, I love working with her! She moved to North Florida from Miami to slow down, and business has done anything but!

She ships her delicious and amazing chocolate seashells all over the country! They are so realistic, and well, they are chocolate, so Yummmmmmy definitely comes to mind!

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Great to have Friends!

I have to thank Susan Powers, really just a huge heart warming Thank you!!!

Grandpa Joe passed away last week, it has been such a sad time for us. But he'd been sick for a bit. So, when we found out that Grandpa Joe was in Hospice and it was imminent that time was extremely short, John (my husband) and I started to gather some of the old photographs that we have.

Well Susan had invited me over for lunch and asked that I bring the photographs... I did. This way we'd have some nice images to display at the services. I took these images and others from the 40's, 50s, 60s, allll the way to the present and made a collage, it was a big hit! Everyone loved looking at those old pictures! It was a great way to remember what a fun and charming man Joe was!

And I'd like to show you the before and after's.



Notice how Grandpa looks much smoother and I don't have dark circles under my eyes! And she zoomed in on the image so that we were front, and the back round isn't as dark. Gosh, she's a magician!



This is my favorite picture! It was taken about 7 years ago, and he just looks so happy! I love his smile, it just warms you through and through! She brought more light to Peggy, and softened up Grandpa, got rid of a sore above his mouth, and best of all, he still looks like himself!

Thank you Susan for helping me create photographs that will be with the family forever!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do you Want to Be a Planner?

Have you fallen in love with the idea of being a Wedding Consultant? Did you plan your wedding and just can't seem to get weddings out of your mind? Do you feel you are made for this job?

Don't forget that we are planning a 2-Day Seminar to teach you the ins and out's of this fantastic career! We'll teach you everything you need to know about being a consultant how to work with clients, basically the whole sch-bang!
Spaces are filling up quickly!!! Why not learn from the best?

Another Poll...

This issue has come up with a few of my clients, so I am just curious as to what you are thinking... Some photographers allow the clients to own all of their images, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some only a certain number of images- does this matter to you? Let me know what you think...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I was on the News!!!!

Our local News Channel WUFT (it's UF's News Channel and our PBS) did a news piece called Wedding Woes and of course they asked Moi!

It's basically on how the slumping economy has an affect on the wedding industry as a whole.

The online link doesn't show the proper credit.

The album's shown belong to Powers Photography (they rock, don't they!)
The video was done by Jeff Stoner Productions (another rockin' vendor!!)

(you need to have the most recent version of Quicktime)

I am SO Lucky!

Guess what's going to be in this envelope!!!

Thanks Lucky Designs!!!

My First Wedding

Kristin, my beloved bossy intern, totally rocks! In fact, she rocks so much that I was HER assistant this weekend! I wanted to hear from Kristin how she felt being the one with all the answers... so without further ado, here's Kristin!

Holly and Jason’s Wedding was certainly a learning experience for me from the start. The first thing I learned was that I am a wedding planner because I am completely O.C.D. when it comes to details. Things that did not matter at all to the bride and groom drove me absolutely insane!

For instance, they did not have all of their guest’s last names for the seating chart. How was this possible?! But, we worked with it and made the seating chart as classy as possible even without some of the last names.
Then, at the rehearsal, I realized that some officiants would rather orchestrate the rehearsal all by themselves, as if a wedding planner was not even present. There were a couple of times that I wanted to remind him that he did not make the final call and we had the bride and groom’s best interest in mind and it would be done the way they wanted in the end. (It ended up being perfect, and he was very nice and professional!)

Setting up was a breeze. Joan from Prange’s Florist was wonderful. She had everything ready for the table centerpieces. The only major thing we had to do was to arrange and re-arrange (about 4 times) the dining room chairs. People kept coming in and moving them! Finally, we got smart and locked the doors :)

My wonderful helpers, Cara and Christina {and Melissa} did a beautiful job of decorating the ceremony site while I set up the special moment where the bride and groom first saw each other. That was the most exciting new thing I got to do as the lead consultant! I had the honor of putting on her veil, fixing her make-up, and slipping on her garter....just moments before she saw her groom!

In previous weddings, I was always the girl that stayed back with the bride during the processional. So, I was unsure of the timing of groomsmen and bridesmaids to make sure it was uniformed and spaced correctly. This time, I was able to be with the bride but also see the bridesmaids and groomsmen move into their appropriate places (thank you, Melissa for helping me!) It was interesting to see how much space needed to be between everyone for it to work out. Everything was perfect for the ceremony! It was wonderfully sweet, but still short enough so that nobody passed out of heat exhaustion...we were worried about the groomsmen in their full black tuxedos.

Moving onto the reception, I will just share a few things that I learned throughout the night in list form:
· Do not, under any circumstance, allow the photographers (or any other vendor) go through the buffet line before the guests...especially not to cut off the brides father!

· Cheesecake MELTS!!! If you are having cheesecake, have your cake-cutting early in the night.

·When you cut the cake early in the night...guests tend to leave earlier so everything else needs to be re-arranged properly.

·DJ’s can make or break the party...this one, unfortunately, was not too great. He was unable to play the music that the couple requested due to restraints from his company on lyrics. Be sure to check into these things before signing contracts! The original DJ had to cancel on the bride 2 weeks prior to the wedding, and instead of calling us and asking for a recommendation, she took her previous DJ’s suggestion blindly and without much thought...and it backfired!

·All brides need to have a list of things not to forget (or give one to the wedding coordinator) on the big day. Holly and Jason forgot the card box, but don’t worry, we were able to improvise!

·Everyone in the bridal party should bring a spare set of (more comfortable) shoes! One of the bridesmaids had to borrow my Sperry boat shoes at one point...they didn’t go with her dress very well!

·Lastly, you can’t control the weather...although it did not rain during the ceremony or even most of the reception, it started POURING when we were loading the cars, always have an umbrella...which will be in my wedding bag, for sure!

There was so much that I learned at previous events from the fabulous Melissa that I was able to use at this wedding. It was truly a blessing to work with Holly and Jason. They are a fantastic couple that have great family and friends and are just a joy to be around. I am excited to hear how their honeymoon in Jamaica goes!
Kristin, I just love you! You are so amazing, and so extremely talented! Congratulations on pulling off a difficult task, and handling it with grace and just plain ole' fantasticalness!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What I Learnt...

This weekend was Cara's first wedding with us, so like I forced, er, pressured, er, politely asked Christina to do, I had Cara write up the Top 5 Things she learned from her first wedding.

I think it's interesting to see the differences! Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Cara!

Top 5 Things I learned

1. Think Fast
Thinking quickly on your feet is a must for any wedding planner. Something will go wrong, a great wedding planner knows how to fix it and does it while keeping her cool. Without the magical cake cutting technique, at this weekend's weddings, serving the oh-so-delicious but oh-no-messy cake would have been impossible.
(it was a Cheesecake, more on that later)

2. Now this is how its going to work
Vendors don't always follow the timeline or plan. No matter how many times you confirm, vendors can and will work at their own pace and do things their way. However, a great wedding planner (like, Melissa!) knows how to work with the many different vendors and their styles, ensuring the wedding goes off without a hitch.

3. You use that for what!?!...
White chalk works wonders on covering the inevitable wedding dress mystery spot. The uncommon uses for everyday products can be lifesavers on your wedding day. Never underestimate the power of the emergency bag.

4. Roll with the Punches
Flexibility is a requirement for any successful wedding planner. With the word planner in the job title, wedding planners are known for having every little detail planned out. However, you have to expect the unexpected and be willing and ready to adjust your ever-so-carefully thought out plans.

5. Be Our Guest, Put Our Service to the Test!!!!
Every guest will come to you with every obstacle. A great wedding planner must be prepared to handle any request from any guest. Be prepared for the random and bizarre but be sure to know when and how to talk a guest out of the over the top extras.

I think Cara has some great insight on how difficult and on the go our job can be! And certain things just can't be planned for.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Things I used from my Wedding Bag!

This weekend we had a beautiful wedding outside at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, it was HOT! But beautiful! The day started like any other wedding day, the bride and groom taking their photographs inside, but then they moved to the beautiful gardens at Kanapaha - lots of water was consumed!
Holly was a beautiful bride and I can't wait to get the pictures back from the photographer!

Here is what I used from my wedding bag this weekend!

Water: We had lots and lots of chilled water for the wedding party to drink, we needed to keep them hydrated and upright!

Ribbon: We had to make a bow super fast, because we needed to turn a boutonniere into a corsage, and that was our only weapon!

Floral Wire: To secure the bow and ribbon onto the boutonniere turned corsage.

Corsage Pins: We used them for all sorts of things, but to secure that bow onto the flower was one biggie!

Tide to Go Pen: The bride had gotten make up on her dress, and the Tide To Go pens work great for that! And then she had gotten some mascara on her, so for that we turned to...

Shout Wipe: See above. (But just plain rubbing alcohol works well too!)

White Chalk: To hide some of the dirt marks on the back of her dress.

Advil: Grumpy Bride = not fun --- Bride who got Aunt Flo on her wedding day with cramps = not fun (for anyone!)

Black Sharpie: To hide stains on the tuxedo

Safety Pin: To secure a button on the Tuxedo (just way faster than sewing it on)

It was such a beautiful wedding, and they make such a fantastic couple! I can't wait to see them when they get back from their honeymoon!

Note to brides getting married outside in the dead heat of summer - just be aware that it was hot outside, try to make your guests happy. and hydrated. Keep lots of flowing cool air about - and limit the time outside!
Photo Credit: IMJ Photography

The Sunshine State of Mind!

Maybe it's the Summertime, or the lemonade, but I think these colors are just glimmering SUMMER! Unexpectedly fun and beautiful, and summery, right?

Friday, June 13, 2008


There are so many Do's and Don'ts for when you are getting married, but these specifically talk about getting measured and ordering your dress.

Don't get measured and then fight with the person ordering your dress about the size. I know it sounds strange to order a size or two larger than what you normally wear. But the designer sizes are wonky... don't take it personally if you wear a size 6 and then they ask you order a size 10... it's not you, it's them!

Don't get measured and order your dress and then get a boob job! Obviously your dress won't fit you the right way, and if you are planning on getting your boobs enhanced order your dress appropriately!

Don't not plan (That means plan!) for what undergarments you are wearing for your dress in advance. If you are wearing Spanx to the wedding, wear them for the fitting, and check and make sure the panties you want to wear with your dress, actually work.

And if you measure strange like me (Bust size 12, waist size 5, hips size 10) Order the larger of the sizes and then have it taken in... I know it stinks, but you have to do what you have to do...

That's just the start... use common sense!
You want to look beautiful and classy and amazing, not like you are going clubbing!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blue and Cream!

Lindsey and Dino are planning a Garden Chic Wedding in Blues and Creams - Kristin in my office did the board for them - and I love it!!!
I can't wait to see the actual event! It just makes me want to picnic with a bottle of champagne!
{sources to follow}

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I heart Google!

I just have to show the love! There is so much you can do with Google, I probably haven't even tapped the surface!

  • Search Engine - No! Search Whatever!
  • Blog
  • Blog in Advance (that's my new favorite!!!)
  • Get Directions
  • Get the News
  • See your house from Space!
  • And much, much more!

And one of my favorite features is Google Reader, you've probably heard people talk about it, but haven't checked it out, and if you haven't you are totally missing out! I feel it's the only way to read blogs! Honestly!

It's SOOOOO easy! If I can do it, anyone can!

First go to Google Reader.

Then, either log in to your Google Account or create one.

Then start copying and pasting your favorite blogs into Google Reader...

Promise it's that easy!!!

I feel like an infomercial, but it will save you tons of time!!! And money too, if you act RIGHT NOW! And I'll even throw in ......

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So Funny!

So, haven't you always dreamed of being on the cover of a bridal magazine? And then, walking by your magazine and having someone look over your shoulder and shout, "Hey, isnt' that you?" wouldn't that just be fantastical! Well, I think that was my cousin's dream!

Well, I get this email from my cousin... the one that was on the cover of the bridal mag!

She's totally incognito with those shades, right?

Blue and Brown... Oh My!

We are planning a Gala Fund Raising Event for Queen of Peace Academy - a super chic fundraiser! This board was done by my new wonderous intern Cara- the girls got talent!!!

What do you think?
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