Friday, September 30, 2011

Unity Ceremony Alternatives

Lately, brides have been asking for other ways to incorporate the unity ceremony into their wedding.

They think that the unity candle and sand ceremonies are a bit overdone. Here are a couple of my favorite ideas for those of you struggling.

The wine and love letter ceremony. Here, the bride and groom will write each other love letters. During the ceremony, they will place these love letters, other mementos of their relationship, a bottle of wine, and two glasses into a custom box of their choosing. The couple will seal the box together during the ceremony as well. Then on their 25th anniversary they will open the box unless they come across a rough spot in their relationship and need to be reminded of why they united themselves in the first place.

The Oaks
The knot ceremony. The bride and groom will braid some sort of cord during the ceremony to symbolize them coming together. Many couples have also tied their hands together with ribbon or something else meaningful to them. I like the braid, because it makes for a nice keepsake after the ceremony.

Again, personalize it to you! If you can think of some object that is extremely significant in your relationship, you can probably incorporate it as a unity ceremony!


Cleo said...

I love the wine and love letter idea!

Weeding Planner said...

I think this should work for me! :-)

beautifullinenrentals said...

Love it. this should be worked for me :-)

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