Friday, September 23, 2011

A Week of Unique Treats Finale

When it comes to your wedding favors, I definitely like the idea of something edible. This way, you know your guests can and will use it eat it. This being said, we love the idea of being creative about it and not just do the traditional chocolate gift, even though chocolate is amazing.

I will end the unique treats week with a very unique edible treat that I haven't seen done before, but it's so dang cute!!

Fortune Cookies!! You can leave a fortune for all your guests and personalize it with your names and wedding date. Food and fun, you can't go wrong!

What favors did you use at your wedding? Did your guests love it?


Aadams1 said...

this is a nice sweets, wedding parties would be include this items. sweets is like all the people. wedding planner is mostly buying a different different sweets getting. this is good for the wedding.

kennady said...

It's an unique sweet and colorful too.I think is sweet too.I am eager to taste that.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,you may use the wedding app and get gain from it.

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