Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guestbook Week Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, today's guestbook idea is etched bowls! This idea is seriously cool. I found this bowl from Steuben, you buy the glass bowl and it comes with a special scribe that has a diamond tip for writing on glass!

How awesomesauce is that?!

Etched Bowl
Another option would be to just buy your own crystal bowl and then purchase a crystal etching pen from Lowes.

I just think this looks so elegant and neat, and it's so unique, you know many of your guests wouldn't have seen it before. Come back tomorrow for part 3, signed wishes!


Krystal said...

What a wonderful idea! Something you can bring out for family holiday dinners and cherish all over again.

Barn Weddings said...

I couldn't find the perfect words to describe this thing. It is beyond perfect.

John david said...

This bowls is super idea for design. It look so nice and cool. That glass is Gilltering stars is amazing. Inside the glass is writing something, it's a new model ideas. Really wedding planner is like and buying present our whom one.

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