Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Get in Shape: Skin

For the second day of our get in shape week, we're gonna tackle skin. This is a very important part of your body that you need to prep for your wedding day so you can be glowing and smooth.

Photography by Pure by Lindsey; Make-up by Christy Connor

 Here are some tips:
  1. For tanning, natural is best; if you want to do a tanning bed, that's your choice. But make sure to wear sunscreen, none of this 4 or 8 spf either. Let's go with 30 spf to be safe. You don't be want to be a lobster on your wedding day! I would try to stay out of the sun at least a day or two before the big day.
  2. DO NOT GET A SPRAY TAN! Please, you just look orange and it's going to rub off on your dress. Just say no!
  3. Make sure to moisturize daily at least a few weeks prior, so you have nice soft skin for the day and for your honeymoon!
  4. Try not to stress as much as possible the week of your wedding. Stress can cause breakouts, and it doesn't do anything good for your skin! When it gets down to the week of your wedding, you've planned all you can plan so there is no use worrying about it! Just try to relax!!


kaity said...

AND DO NOT TRY TO USE A SPRAY TAN IN A BOTTLE! It will turn out badly and then you'll HAVE to get a spray tan done professionally.

I heard this from a friend...bc I'm not crazy enough to try a spray tan from a bottle the week of my wedding. No way. Wouldn't do that.

Wedding Themes said...

You advice us great tips for getting in shape. I agree with you we looks smart and beautiful when our body in shape.

Amy McCraken said...

This post is so useful..thanks for the tips..i am going to try them out...and really a glowing skin attracts very much..extra care should be taken of skin.

perfume ireland said...

Your advices are really very usefull for those recently getting married.

Aadams1 said...

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Wedding Planner said...

Nice Idea, I'd say:-)

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