Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trash the Tux!

Big craze right now is to Trash the Dress! Get it all nasty, and take amazing photographs! But check this out! I think this HOT totally fab photographer is on to something, don't you? Check out Kara Pennington's website and blog for some great images!

How fun that a guy in his tux would start wake-boarding! Thanks Kara for capturing such a fun image! Your Rock!

Flasback to the 80s!

Yup, welcome to the 80s! Everything was BIG! And strange, looking back, I can't believe my mom let me wear nougahide! I looked like a couch, with huge shoulder pads!

But the 80s for a wedding, well really it meant BIG as well. Lots of train, lots of veils, ruffles, tulle, sleeves, lots of crinoline, and just lots of shiney fabric. Brides wore hats with veils, and big hair, big curls, did I mention things were big?

Another big thing that happened in the 80s, was the BIG wedding of Princess Diana - that was when my love affair with weddings began. I remember waking up at 5AM and turning on my little Black and White television so quiet my parents couldn't hear and watching my princess marry her prince.

Dresses were big, flowers were beautiful long flowing layers of roses.

Lots of shiney fabric, almost to the point where you could see your reflection in the fabric.

And men, well, they look handsome, minus alllll that hair..
I think we've learned alot from our past, but first and foremost, I think we've all learned that marriage after all isn't about who can have a bigger wedding (literally or figuratively) it's about the marriage. The joining of two people lives forever and it doesn't matter what you wear, what your hair looks like (although it's fun to look back) it's about the love shared between two people and two very different lives, become one amazing life.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Luck of the Irish!

I am going to Ireland is less than a month! And I am staying here. Aren't you jealous, if you aren't you totally should be! This is actually a photograph of the actual tower we have rented for the week. It is amazing! The perfect spot for a wedding.

Don't worry, I'll be blogging with tons of photographs - but the castle only has dial up internet access... I mean HELLO get with technology you old 600 year old amazing piece of architecture!

So I thought I'd just brag a bit about where I'll be in less than a month. And forewarn you that blogging may be intermittent and a bit off due to the time change.

We are flying into Dublin and staying there for one night, then driving across the country, take a peek at my map. If you've ever been and have some tips for me, leave a comment or email me and let me know where to go, what to see and where to shop!

Flashback to the 70s!

The 70s when skirts got shorter and floral prints got bigger, what were we thinking! But then again, I am sure in 30 years our kids will be saying the same thing about us, "Mom, how did you let me wear THAT!" Goodness, I say that now! I looked back at my middle school year book for no apparent reason, and I don't know how I didn't spontaneously-combust with all that Aquanet in my hair! (but I digress)

Juliet caps were the in thing to wear as a headpiece. Women had longer sleeves on their dresses then the length on their skirts. Men started to look more like waiters, and less like pimps. People danced "the fever" - Good Times, Good Times!
I apologize I can't give photo credit to either of these, but I have a few things to point out. Check out the big shoulders and long sleeves, and the length of that skirt. And his "tie" or ruffle, super cool, no?

I love that they are cutting the top layer in the below picture (the cake could have just tipped right over), my parents did the same thing - I wonder why? And the flowers in the brides hair (or are those pins) I think they are just the start of what's to come!

Tomorrow, look for the 80's! Big hair, big flowers, big dresses! And break-dancing at a wedding... things that make you go hmmmmm....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's all about Me!

I am not one to brag about a product unless I've personally used it and loved it! And tonight I am letting you know that I found something that I loved!!! It's a bath product, called Me!Bath, I am sure you've seen it - they look like large scoops of ice cream and the flavors they come in are endless, from Mango to Magnolia.

My husband and I went to our local spa and afterwards I purchased a scoop of Me!Bath, the Lychee flavor (I wish I'd gotten a dozen!) - and used it tonight. It was amazing. It fizzed like crazy, smelled amazing, turned the bath water a beautiful salmon color, and left my skin feeling amazing! Seriously silky smooth!! The scoop released minerals, oils and leaves your skin feeling and smelling beautiful!

So when you are ready to spoil yourself or a friend - try Me!Bath products, and they make a great hostess gift!

What's in The Name?

Okay, so I am THAT person. Seriously! It took me 11 years to change my name from Miss Maiden Name to Mrs. Married Name. I can't give you all of the excuses, because my husband was all for me hyphenating... or keeping my last name.

There was no pressure to change who I was. But the thought of all of that trouble, changing my credit cards and my library card, and my blockbuster card, and my driver's license, Social Security Card, my Passport, I guess it just seemed daunting.

But now there is Maiden Name the easiest way to change your name! They even fill in the forms for you! I mean, HELLO how easy can that be!

It's affordable and they help you every step of the way! They'll give you a list of activities, simple and friendly reminders - and you can make sure not to miss a step - like that voter's registration card that got forgotten (yeah, I didn't realize that until today...oops!)

I wish this was around when we got married!!!

Hippy Love- the 60s!

The 60's was full of love, love, love! And the weddings, real weddings, I am not talking about Hippie Weddings, but regular ole' weddings, were amazing, and absolutely showed the love surrounding the bride and groom.

The gown on the left was a Couture design from Calvin Klein - so beautiful! I think my mother has a photograph very similar to this on a staircase with the dress billowing behind her. Just a timeless pose.

In the next image, I just love the bobby socks with the flat Mary Jane shoes, so adorable, with the knee length bridesmaids dresses. And the dainty ribbon in their hair - is too cute! I do love the lace trim on the brides gown at the hem-line of her ballroom gown.

This next image, is the start of a tradition that spanned several decades, the HUGE veil, this reminds me of my veiling in the early 90s - BIG! Her ballroom dress was BIG, her headpiece was large in the front and hung low on her head. Her bouquet was on the larger size. You can see that the 60s was the start of the 80s - if that makes any sense.

I simply love this image! I love how the bridesmaids all have veils! And the groomsmen are wearing very large carnations, and the bridesmaids have the frilly tops, this is another trend that was welcomed into the 80s. (I think you can tell that the groom just wants the photographs to be done with so that he can get home and start consummating this marriage!)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Flashback: 50s

So this weekend, my husband on and I were watching the news, this is really nothing new or exciting. There was a short piece recognizing that it is the 75th anniversary of The Lone Ranger. And they showed a radio, as that is who we, as a people, used to get our entertainment. Not sitting staring blindly at a television. So much has changed, we have definitely come a long way.
This got me thinking. How far has the wedding industry come. I mean really come. We still have the same 5 F's principles - there still must be Food, and Flowers, and Photography, and a dress, and some form of entertainment...
This week we are going to flash back through time, each day taking on a new decade. Starting with the 1950's.
One thing that I think is important to remember is that one thing has NEVER changed - and that is that the promise of marriage is still here. We are still committing to one another through sickness and health - good times and bad. Marriage is and always will be a sacrament between two individuals that love each other, and that stands the test of any decade.
Men in the 1950's took their role to look distinguished and held it close. This gentleman in this photograph just looks like a million bucks, don't you agree. I love the top hat. Not very men can pull it off now-a-days without looking goofy, or like he's trying to much.
This shows that the sacrament of marriage just hasn't changed. It's still there, and has prevalent in the 50's as it is today.
We are definitely gone to a more simpler headpiece - tiara's or nothing or maybe a small clip with some embellishments, like pearls or crystals. But honestly, I can see some aspects of those dresses in today's dresses. Some use of lace, or again, something very simple.I think this dress stands the test of time - it's just as exquisite in it's brocade glory today, as it was in 1952! Don't you think?
Being a Wedding Consultant, I find it an honor that YOU have asked me to help you with your wedding day. This is a day that you'll remember forever, and I feel truly blessed to be helping you make your dreams come true. Thank you!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Tip #5- Don't be Afraid!

5. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Wedding vendors work on weddings all day, every day. If you find you are getting overwhelmed, that's okay. It happens - if you need advice or just some guidance ask your florist or make an appointment with a wedding consultant, most offer a free no obligation consultation. This way you can make sure you are on the right path. This will also help you keep your vision on track, make sure you know the reputable vendors in your area and peace of mind.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Tips Were Noticed!

Our local paper apparently reads my blog (at least someone is) and wants to have our
5 Tips to a Better Wedding in Friday's (1/25/2008) paper!
Whoooo Hooo!!!

Tip #4 - If you like it, show it!

4. Know what you like. Tear out pages from magazines of things you like and put them in your accordion files. This way when meeting with vendors you can show them pictures of your vision. Don't be afraid, if you don't have a clue and don’t know what you like. The people you work with are professionals, they'll know the right questions to ask to get a good understanding of what you want.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tip #3

3. Set up a wedding file - maybe one of those accordion files so that you can keep everything in one place. This will help limit your stress. You don't want little piles all over the house and one at your office and one in the back seat of the car. This can also add to the stress factor. If you keep it all in once place it will make it easier to find a copy of "that" contract or a particular picture you've been looking for.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tip #2

2. Keep the guest list under control! It can be tempting to invite everyone you've ever met to your wedding, and sometimes your family will try. It seems only natural to want to share your wedding day with everyone you care about. But if the guest list gets too large, it can add to your stress on the big day, and your budget goes up with every person invited. Keep in mind, you will probably want to greet and chat with every one of those guests. I am sure you'd like time to eat at your own wedding, and with a large guest list, that gets difficult.

Thank you!!!

I was doing my daily rounds (of checking out my favorite blogs) and found that a friend of mine - Lisa from Blush was one of Wedding in Box's was voted on of The Best Wedding Blogs, along with some of my other favorite blogs. Thank you Wedding in a Box!!!

And low and behold my name was there too! What a great year this has been, and a huge thanks to all of you that read us, it really means a lot!!!


In our first ever giveaway, our winner is Maria1016 and she said:

Hands down favorite: a wedding invitation. No lie - this was a black and white xerox copy on 8x11 paper, with at least 3 or 4 typos, crossed off and corrected by hand. The grammar was very poor, words were misspelled and the phone number to the church was case anyone needed to call for directions. This couple could have REALLY benefited from the services of Invitation Consultants...but it surely was a memorable invitation!!

So, Maria, if you could email me with the work Winner in the Subject line, I'll get you your $50 Certificate to Invitation Consultants, and the rest of your goodies!

Thank you everyone who commented, it was so much fun to read through them and see the memorable invitations you have received over the years! Memorable in good and not so good ways!
Keep checking back, we have lots of blogging to do today!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Deadline is Fast Approaching!

You have until Midnight tonight to register for the drawing! Please place a comment in the original post for the giveaway! You have a VERY good chance to win a $50 gift card to Invitation Consultants, and for everyone that comments, I throw a little something extra into the mix!
I promise it's worth your while!!! Just let us know what invitation you received that left a lasting impression on you, good or bad.
Comment away!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wedding Planning Made Simple

It's so hard to make sure that your wedding, remains YOUR wedding. There are so many people whispering in your ear - you should do this, you should try that - or maybe you'd like this, we did it!

It's hard to keep what you want, well - what you want. I suggest making a list of thing things that are important to you. If it's having a specific flower that normally isn't available that time of year, but it needs to flown in from Holland - you might need to sacrifice something to make that happen.This week I am going to offer 1 tips a day to help you get off on the right food- I mean foot.

1. First work on your budget, no matter how small or large your budget is- it's still a matter of how much you have to work with. This will assist you with what vendors you will work with. If you have a budget of $10,000 and you love a photographers whose packages start at $7,000 - you may need to adjust your priorities. Keep in mind that traditionally about 50% of your budget will go towards food and venue for your reception.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New MasterPiece Weddings Intern!!!

This is alittle late to announce, but Brittany Rollins (who is pictures on my right in the photograph) had a beautiful baby girl on November 18th! Her name is Charlotte Michelle, and we are just tickled to pieces to have her in our MasterPiece Weddings family!

Congratulations Brittany and Jared! Charlotte is amazing, and I know we'll have her directing brides in no time!

Another Giveaway!

Well, really it's the same giveaway - all you need to do is comment in the original giveaway post, but for every comment, I am going to add a little something else to the prize! And I promise it will be worth your comment! Just take a second and comment, everyone can enter, brides, wedding consultants, bloggers who just stop by, friends, blog stalkers, photographers, caterers, florists... just comment below! Its must be in the original give away post!!!

So not only will you win the fantastic opportunity to win a $50 gift certificate to Invitation Consultants, but other fun stuff as well!

Thanks so much!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Implusive Give-Away!!!

I am so excited to announce my first Impulsive Giveaway! It's open to everyone! Brides, Vendors, Friends and Blog-Stalkers (you know who you are!)

Our friends at Invitation Consultants , who by the way have the most amazing and unique inventory of fun and classy invites for every occasion, have given us a $50 gift card to Invitation Consultants and I am going to throw in a nice surprise "something" as well!

All you have to do is comment below, let me know what your favorite invitation you've received is, and why it left an impression on you. Maybe it was for your Grandma's 80th Birthday, and it was just so lovely and classic. Or maybe you received an invitation in a small box billowing with tissue paper and Sea Shells. Let me know, I'd love to hear it!


  • Must comment about your favorite invitation
  • Must be a US or Canadian Resident (sorry my everyone else!)
  • Post your comment by midnight EST on Monday, January 21st.
  • Remember to include your name or blogger/typepad or some other login, as anonymous comments can't be tracked.

Good luck!

Thanks Real Simple!

I found out yesterday that one of my very favorite magazines in the whole wide world names me as one of their favorite blogs and I am so thrilled! Check out Margit's Blog about her very own wedding, from Real Simple Magazine!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'll do anything for you!

This is a true statement! As a wedding consultant, I will do anything to make sure your day is amazing! It's your day! You worked hard to be, you lost weight, compromised on suggestions, are getting married - so if something needs to be done, heck I'll do it.

Especially if the client is a dear friend of the family. This wedding was in Orlando, it was for Keri and Dan- Damon Tucci did the photography - he also did my sister's wedding. Keri and Dan got married a while ago, I don't know why I never posted their photographs... consider this Damon's early work. He's only gotten better!

Since they are family friend I got to do this wedding in a gown! Even funner for me!

A family that grows together, grows bald together!

Yeah, this is me under her dress.... it's my best side, don't ya think!

A tender quiet moment after the I do's! I love this!!! I love this photograph, it shows the sheer exhaustion on their faces but the excitement around them, no one wants to stop!

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