Monday, September 12, 2011

Guestbook Week Part 1

Lately we have been seeing a lot of fun and different guestbook ideas out there. I thought I would take a week to highlight a few of them and give you guys some ideas! I did a post on the guestbook tree with fingerprints that you can see here, this is still one of my favorites, and I have seen lots of spin offs of it that are awesome!

First off this week, I am really liking the idea of signing a dish or a plate. You can personalize it with all sorts of engravings from quotes, to designs, to monograms and logos and even your names and wedding date!


The Younique Boutique
It looks great when you take it home!

Personalize it for you, there are so many ways to make this your own! Stay tuned for tomorrow's guestbook idea, etched bowls!


Personal training course said...

Idea of signing a dish or a plate seems to be cool enough..all the pictures in this post are awesome ones...superb!

crowdSPRING said...

This requires some creativity ofcourse!Loved the idea of signing a dish or a plate...great post!

kennady said...

Wat a creative thought. Is there some more here because i couldnt found here. My friend suggesting me the wedding planner. Lets see there how it ill be.

Barn Weddings said...

I really wanted your ideas Melissa. It's unique and classy. :D

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