Friday, September 2, 2011

Better Attitude

Gabriel chillaxing at a Summer BBQ- this kid has got it made!

Such is the life, right? Sitting on a lawn chair, feet up with a frosty beverage Juice Box.

Now that summer is wrapping up, and we are about to fall into Fall (get it.. fall... Fall...- nevermind).  It's time to start thinking about keeping up our summer figures, cooler temperatures (thank goodness) and Football.

So, really, this post was for me to remind you to have a great time, enjoy every day, every moment and every small victory, because sometimes we take those moments for granted and we forget to remember that life happens, and if we don't enjoy the little moments they will pass us by.


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Amy McCraken said...

I must say that this post is very realistic and practicals..we usually ignore important things in life and realize its value later..when it becomes too late.

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