Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guestbook Week Part 3

Keeping up with our guestbook week, today I wanted to feature signed wishes as a guestbook idea. Now this guestbook can be executed in many many different ways. The sky is the limit, really.

You can do wish bowls, wish boxes, wish trees, wish clotheslines, wish books, really anything you could imagine. Here are a few that I really liked.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart

Image from the knot
Jonathan Ivy Photography

This one I absolutely LOVE! You have your guests sign their wishes on a postcard and have a mailbox set up to place them in. Then you have them mailed out the next day so you come back from your honeymoon to a mailbox full of well wishes!

Martha Stewart
There are too many good ones!

Did any of you use signed wishes? What did you do?


kennady said...

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kennady said...
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Barn Weddings said...

Nice blog. I like your ideas. Specially that wishing on something. :D

bayliy said...

I love this length!

It’s flattering for everyone, can match almost any dress style and silhouette, and is low


I am inspired to add a flyaway or 2 to my new collection :)

Great article!

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