Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Print or Not to Print

Were you thinking about having your bridesmaids wear printed dresses? Before you have them buy your favorite patterned dress, think about your photographs.

Sure, a printed dress looks great on a hanger, but next to five other girls with accessories and bouquets, things could start getting cluttered and take the attention off of yourself and the groom. Check out these pictures for a better idea:

Instead, try pairing your solid color dresses with fun colored heels or other accessories. Your bridesmaid’s will still look beautiful, and your pictures will focus right where you want them to, on you!

Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Food for Thought!

Were you thinking of using a family friend or new small local business to cater your wedding?

Think again!

Even though you may save money using one of these outlets, your reception will not have the same quality as it would if you had a professional wedding caterer. When hiring any vendor for your wedding, make sure they have wedding experience because it’s completely different from any other celebration.

The caterer needs to be able to adhere to the strict timeline and work quickly and efficiently so the guests are never wondering why it is taking so long to get a glass of water or their next course of the meal. It’s important to have the very best service on your special day!!

Here are some questions you should ask before hiring a caterer:

1. Have they ever catered a wedding before? (sounds like a stupid question, but you will be surprised…)

2. What is their price range? Are costs itemized depending on the foods you choose, or is there an all-inclusive flat rate? What would that include (linens, tax, gratuities, etc.)? Does the caterer have printed price sheets for food selections?

3. Will the caterer provide tables, chairs, plates, table linens, silverware, salt-and-pepper shakers, and more? Ask to see these items to make sure they're acceptable. Do you have to rent tables, place settings, and/or other equipment or will they arrange for the rentals?

4. Who is the main contact? Will the same person you work with when planning also oversee meal service on the day of the party? (You want this to be the case.) And what will their role me that day, will they be a server or supervisor!

5. Is the caterer working any other events or parties on the same weekend, on the same day, or at the same time as yours? (You want to be sure they will devote sufficient attention to you. You may want to pass on a smaller outfit who indicates they have another job or two scheduled for that day.)

6. Will the caterer provide wait staff? If so, what will they be wearing? Have those servers EVER served before?

7. Will the caterer be willing to include a recipe you provide, like a special family dish, or an appetizer with some sort of sentimental significance? Can they prepare vegetarian or kosher meals for some of your guests if needed?

8. Where will the food be prepared? Are there on-site facilities, or do you, the caterer, and the site manager need to make additional arrangements? If the caterer must bring in his or her own equipment, is there an additional fee?

9. Does the caterer have a license? (This means the business has met health department standards and has liability insurance -- make sure this includes a liquor license if you're having a bar.)

10. Can the caterer provide alcohol? Or can you handle the bar separately? If you can provide it, is there a corkage fee? How and when do you get the alcohol to the caterer?

I am not saying that a brand new caterer is not hire-able, but I want you to know what you are getting into, everyone has to start someone, and having a game plan is a great place to start!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Kristin and Taylor, Part 2

I am just in love with the colors of this wedding! Simply beautiful!! I can't get enough!

What do you think of the bride wearing teal?

I love it!!

Part 2: Breathtaking

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kristin and Taylor - Simply Amazing!

Do you remember this inspiration board? Well, it was created for Kristin and Taylor, and their wedding was amazing! The bride wore teal, a deep amazing teal, and the florals were the deepest burgandy - the feel of the wedding was intimate and fun!

With Champagne and Cotton Candy served at the cocktail hour, and a beautiful intimate day, with tons of time for photographs... I guess that's what you get the one of the most amazing photographers daughter gets married... simply amazing'ness!

This is the perfect example of why having a photographer there to capture the entire day is important, every intimate moment was captured, whether Susan (the brides mommy) was looking on from afar watching her daughter get dressed, or Stewart (the brides daddy) glimpsed over to see is baby girl getting ready for her wedding day.

There are so many images - So I bring you Part 1: Getting Ready - Together

Simply Amazing Right! There is more to come, stay tuned!
Photography by:  Munoz Photography

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Register Yourself!

I recieved an email the other day asking about registering for gifts- I was hoping to get my readers fantabulous input!

Let me know what you think, in the comments.

So... My cousin is getting married in a few weeks, the issues was that him and his fiance didn't register very many places (read: ONE) and they already live together so they have an entire house full of stuff already. And to top it off what was on the registry I wasn't in love with by any means.

So what's a family member (or generous friend) to do?! We're going in on a family gift so we are looking to spend more money then I would on a friend but... then what do I buy?! Yikes!

I suggested a TV (which my mom shot down) and a Kegerator (also shot down). Her argument was a TV would not last the life of their marriage - but other then ugly china you never use what does?

We have settled on a wine refriderator.
Now, it's your turn, what do you think, do you think that it's the couples way of asking for cash gifts? Or is it just harder as you get older and already have 2 houses full of stuff to register? Maybe it's that they want that "stuff" that she isn't in love with... You tell me!

Photo Source

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dave and Leslie!! Part 2

There were so many incredible images taken by Power's Photography, I thought we might as well continue it on today!

What do you think? Are you in love with this wedding as much as I am?

Photography by: Powers Photography

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dave and Leslie!!! Part 1

This wedding was incredible! It was beautiful, and touching, and amazing, inside and out!

Leslie and her two children are now apart of Dave's life forever, and I don't think Dave could have imagined his life without them in it.

And forget the Limo, how about 3 amazing vintage cars!!!

A tender moment, captured for all time

I love when the bride gets a sneak peak
Photography by: Powers Photography

Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's Eat Cake! In Print!

So, I was out and about, and someone said to me "Hey! You are the one in that magazine!" and then the conversation went like this:
Me: I'm sorry?
Stranger at the Out and About Place: No, Really, I saw you in the magazine!
Me: I'm and really sorry, you have me mistaken, that was Katie, Tom Cruz's wife... I am just a wedding planner.
Stranger at the Out and About Place: No! I saw you in the magazine, aren't you a cake baker?
Me: No, sorry, just a wedding planner...
Stranger at the Out and About Place: OHHHH! You are MasterPiece Weddings, you planned that cake thingie! Seeeeeeee - here you are!
Stranger then whips out the magazine...and VOLIA! There I am!
Take a Peek!

Holy Cow! I was in a magazine! Thank you Gainesville Magazine for publishing Let's Eat Cake!
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