Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sparkler Send Off Ideas

Sparklers are such a hit with everyone, whether they are at a Fourth of July celebration or at a birthday party. I love them at weddings! Sparkler send offs are such a hot wedding trend. These are two ideas of how to display the sparklers to your guests:

Sendoff Tags from LollipopsAndPussycat
Sparklers With Matches from Charlotte Geary Photography
You could use the traditional sparklers... Or you could use these!

Heart Shaped Sparklers from Project Wedding
There are also crazy 36" long sparklers! They keep the spark a safe distance away.

36" Sparklers from
What are your thoughts on sparkler send offs? Which ideas do you like best?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Week: Fun Facts

I can finally say it: Happy Fourth of July! Today, I wanted to share some cool fun facts I found about this lovely day of celebration for our country's independence. So get ready to get a small and amusing history lesson!

Ole Glory via MolesKinex19
America is 237 years old today, making us the 22nd oldest nation in the world.

Benjamin Franklin proposed the turkey as the national bird, but was overruled by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who wanted the bald eagle. Thank goodness because I love turkey at Thanksgiving!

The Fourth of July wasn't made a national holiday until 1941. Whaaat?

Approximately 150 million hot dogs are going to be consumed today. That's a lot of hot dogs!

"Yankee Doodle" was sung by British officers that were making fun of the backwoods Americans. The song is almost as annoyingly catch as "It's A Small World"... Almost.

87% of American homes have a grill. Yup, that sounds right!

Last one - In 1776, there were 2.5 million Americans. Today, there are 311 million US citizens! Holy moly!

There are some more facts at I hope you have a wonderful day full of yummy food, drinks, and family fun. Happy Fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July Week: Drinks

It's almost the Fourth and I'm celebrating by having one of these fancy drinks tonight! Check out these Fourth of July themed cocktails.

Deliciousness via Bubblews

Patriotic Punch via The Kitchen Prep

Star Spangled Martini via The Kitchen Prep
So many yummy mommy drinks! Each link has the recipe. The Patriotic Punch and Star Spangled Martini recipes are at the bottom of The Kitchen Prep. And altering the punch to make it kid-friendly would be easy and delicious!

Red, White and Blue Drinks, says nothing but fun!

Which drink sounds the best to you?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fourth of July Week: Food

Happy (almost) Fourth of July! I wanted to do a little planning and prepping to show some fun ideas I found. First, food! A quick warning though, they're all sweet and awe-mazingly festive!

For breakfast, check out these Fourth of July Pancakes:

Star Pancakes via The Grant Life
How delicious! I love the strawberries and blueberries in between the pancakes.. Yummm!

Pizza is for lunch! Well, sort of. This is Sweetza Pizza:

Red, White, and Blueberry pizza via Aviva Goldfarb on PBS Parents
Oh my goodness. I can't wait to make this!! But wait... We're having kabobs for dinner. Steak? How about brownies?! I'm game! Here they are:

Brownie and Fruit Kabobs via The Editors on
Just wow. What a yummy day! And I absolutely love the mix of sweets and fruit. Great for kids!

Which will be on your table on Wednesday?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Stressed Bride

Found at

In life and when planning a wedding it's hard remember that everything isn't perfect. We all struggle for that - perfection.

It took me a long time, a really long time, to remember that life is not about making everything perfect, it's about letting go, and knowing that things will be okay.

Struggle for grace, not for perfection.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding Chair Decor

Sometimes you just want to add a bit of glam to your wedding chairs, I think Confetti Daydreams has the right idea here. From simple to extravagant, and everything in-between!

Which one do you love? Or are you against chair covers all together?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Birthstone Jewelry

I'm stepping onto my Mommy Soap Box for a second.... How sweet is this birthstone nameplate bracelet?!

Birthstone Nameplate Bracelet via shopLUCA on Etsy
I have a necklace with my sons' names and birthstones, but this is a serious competitor! Granted, I would need two, but for you moms that only have one child, this is so great! Wonder if you can add another stone and another name?

This bracelet would also make a really amazing gift for a mom or grandma. I'm in love.

Off soap box...

What types of jewelry do you like to display your little one's birthstones?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Chair Decor

Don't act like you don't want to do this at your wedding....

All Mr. & Mrs. chair decor photos via Every Last Detail's Inspiration Board
This special chair decor is such a thoughtful detail to your wedding day. My favorite style is the last one: "I'm His MRS." and "I'm Her MR."


They add just the right touch to set the bride and groom's chairs apart from the rest of the bridal party at the head table, or to make their sweetheart table more intimate. If you're going to do something like this, be sure that the signs won't hurt your back when you sit in your chair and that they won't fall off.

Which on is your favorite? I wanna know!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Wedding Reception Timeline

Guess What?

I found another awesometastic wooden sign!

Wedding Reception Timeline via Every Last Detail
I'm pretty sure I'm going to have this at my next party... It's just too sweet!

Timelines are great for guests, especially the ones that want to constantly be in-the-know (like me, I am a mess as a guest at a wedding, don't invite me to your wedding, unless you want me to help you, make me the unofficial bathroom attendant or something).

With this handy dandy timeline sign, they know what's going on and when it's happening. It also helps ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Another easy DIY to add a personal touch to your wedding day!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wooden Wedding Sign

Wooden Timeline Sign via wavynavy on Etsy
How amazing is this wooden sign?! 

I am just in love with the things they "stole" from each other. It is so sweet! I found this on Etsy and it is personalized to your wedding (or a friend's!). Kudos to wavynavy for making these!

And if you wanted to DIY, all you would need is a nice piece of dark or stained wood, stencils, and the paint color of your choice plus some sand paper to rough up the edges. Easy peasy!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wedding Timeline Checklist

Checklist Infograph via DIY Bride
Here is a really fun and pretty accurate wedding timeline checklist infographic. It shows the very basic things that need to be done and when they need to be done.

Some things that are listed are not always necessary, like the welcome baskets. Are they thoughtful? Absolutely! But not necessary if you don't have the time or resources.

Of course, it's always better, easier, and less stressful when you have a wedding planner to schedule all of this out, customize it to your wedding, and keep you accountable for what needs to be done and when!

My two favorite parts of this infographic are the last two things: Get Married and Enjoy! What is/was your favorite part of your wedding checklist?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Jewelry for an Open-Back Dress

I found the perfect (and shiny!) solution for the open-back dresses...

Jewelry Set via MyPearlDreams on Etsy


It's gorgeous, right?! So simple. So elegant. So awesometastic! 

Open-back dresses are super sexy, but this is like the cherry on top. The dangling sets of pearls are just beautiful and add such a unique touch that you can only get with this style of dress.

I love it! What about you?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wedding Workouts

Bride pumpin' iron via Angry Trainer Fitness
I MUST fit in that dress!
This is the workout mission statement of almost every bride once they find their wedding dress. This is totally attainable but.... there's one small catch.

Set a realistic goal for yourself. 

Obviously, the key word here is "realistic", so set that goal early and then stick to it! Always remember, you already look beautiful, and nothing will ever change that!

I included some really awesometastic workouts here:

My favorite via Pinterest... The Harry Potter Movie Workout

Monday, June 3, 2013

Allison and Shivan are Getting Married!

So this awesometastic couple is getting married on Sunday!

First, Footstone is amazing...

Second, Allison and Shivan are such a great and fun couple! They are personal family friends, too. Their wedding on Sunday is going to be such a beautiful mix of the traditional, modern, and slightly nerdy touches all throughout the wedding day. I can't wait! 

Third, congratulations these two lovely people!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Burlap Vintage Dessert Table

Discovered on  Ever So Lovely
As I was searching for an unlikely combination of lace and burlap, who woulda thunk it would work??? I found this amazing-gorgeous-yummy spread of desserts with a Vintage Rustic Chic feel.

I think this would make a great addition to a rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or any intimate dinner party. Just head over to your local thrift store, find some fantastic vintage luggage and voila!

Plus those rustic lanterns are pretty phenomenal, don't you think?

If you want to see the entire Lace and Burlap gorgeousness, check out Ever So Lovely, we are kind of in love with her.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Burlap Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board brought to you by Glam Box Weddings
We have just fallen in love with burlap, it's so simple, has so much texture and frankly, is super affordable. So why not?


When we saw this board on Glam Box, I knew we had to share it with ya'll. Don't you just love the Vintage Country Chic Burlap'y wedding? The romance, the simplicity, and the classy rustic feel makes me think I would just love being a guest at this wedding.

What are your thoughts on Burlap? Love it? Hate it? Think it should be left at the Feed Store?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monogramed Wedding Cake

Brooke Allison Photography
I was doing some research on monograms for a wedding that I went to (as a guest!!!- that never happens) and I found this gorgeous cake, that is frilly and lacey and has flowers on it, and a monogram.

It's just so pretty, I had to share it!

Please tell me you love it as much as I do.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wedding Processional Order

Thank you Martha Stewart
In a Traditional Christian Wedding Ceremony, this is the order that is usually used. I found this on Martha's site, and I thought it might be helpful for you.

There are tons of variations, make your wedding your own, and don't be afraid to think outside the box, if you want to walk down with both your parents, or your Step-Father and your Biological Father, do it!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Write a Great Thank You Note

Found at Weddings Beautiful
I am weird, I love to write cards, letters, send snail mail, write thank you notes. I feel like writing a thank you, is such a lost art. We just send a text or {gasp!} write an email.

But getting a card or letter in the mail makes me so happy, I just love to open a card - maybe it's knowing that someone took an extra 10 minutes out of their life to write something to me and spend almost 50 cents to mail it, means a lot.

So, next time you write a thank you card here's a great thank you note formula to help you.

Happy Writing!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Green and Gold Party

Found at Every Last Detail
In case you haven't heard (because you are living under a rock, or under a something) Pantone's Color of the year is Emerald. And it's just coincidence that this amazing inspirational shoot took place. (I think Every Last Detail may have ESP - but that's just me)

The photography (by Studio 222) is amazing, the details are just gorgeous! And I wanted to share it with you. You can see the whole shoot, here.

I love that they didn't just organize some details, but there is a real party here, with real people and you can see the details actually work. It's all around, coated in awesomesauce.

Monday, March 25, 2013

What dress is best for your Body Type

When I found this Infographic on how a dress should fit your body style, I knew I had to share it.

Found at Oh Lovely Day

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wedding vs Marriage

Found at Tiffany Rebecca Blog
I had the beautiful honor to marry one special couple a week or so ago, and when we sat down to talk about their wedding they had the most beautiful words to express their love for one another.

And I wanted to make sure that their wedding ceremony was just as special as they are.

Sometimes as a bride you forget that your wedding is not just about that day, it's not just about the reception and the food and the party.

It's about what happens the day after that, and the day after while your wedding WILL BE AMAZBALLS, remember it's what is going to happen the next day that really counts.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Silk Flowers

Founds at Go Make Me
I have for years now, wanted to make my own silk or fabric flowers, and I saw this easy tutorial and thought, how fun and personal would it be to make a flower girl head band, or some flowers for accents on decor.... the opportunities are endless.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun things for kids to do at your Wedding

Found at Declutter Your Homes
Kids tables are awesome, it keeps the kids having fun - and out of their parents way (of having fun) at your wedding. But coloring books and crayons only go so far.

Soooooooooo, what about giving them a fun game to play, charades is always nice, but way about cutting these out and putting them in a big jar, and having them answer sort of toned down game of truth or dare.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Awesome Wedding Program

Found at DIY Weddings Mag
I am always on the lookout for new and fun things for weddings. And this caught my eye, what a fun what to do your program.

A wedding program should do the following:

  • Introduce your wedding party
  • Talk about your ceremony
  • Include your parents names
  • Mention other ceremony participants (Readers, Singers, Officiant)
  • Maybe something about the religious nature of the ceremony
Other than these basic points, you can do whatever you want. Include pictures; the story of your proposal or how you two met; a thank-you to your families and your guests; a tribute to a relative who's passed away -- anything that's important to you. Remember that the program is a wedding keepsake, so really make it your own.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Professional Guest Photographer

Photo by: Brett with Birdsong Photography (with permission)
 I was wandering along my Facebook stream, and I happened upon this... it's a view I've seen more times than I can count and it makes me sad.

It makes me sad for a few reasons; 1. This means that the Professional Photographer is missing a potential once in a lifetime image, that the bride and the groom are paying them to capture. And 2. This means that the guest(s) are really not "in the moment" they are too busy glued to their digital device to enjoy the actual moment and create a memory, rather than a less than stellar photo.

Here's the deal, this image sparked a really nice conversation amongst Professional Photographers, and I wanted to share this with you, mostly because I love ya'll so much. And becasue knowing your special day is coming up, you may want to ask Aunt Martha to P-U-T-T-H-E-C-A-M-E-R-A-D-O-W-N.

Your photographer is paid really good money to take amazing pictures of you on your wedding day and can miss something vital that cannot be redone, or reinacted, or restagged.

Brett (the photographer) also has a clause in his contract that states: ", the bride/groom, understand that well-meaning guests with cameras are responsible for missed shots." It totally bites that a photographer has to have something like that in their contract.

Some of the photographers weighed in:

"I missed a 'kiss' shot once because someone with on-camera-flash double flashed my nicer, softer, bounced flash. *sigh*." (said Photographer Megan)

"I missed the brides and grooms exit, with sparklers and everything, because of the grooms dad!" (said Photographer Michelle)

"...linebacker bridesmaid a couple of years ago that body-slammed me so she could get the bouquet toss with her iPhone..which I missed because of said body-slamming..." (said Photographer Brett)

I remember a couple of years ago Off Beat Bride did a post on An Unplugged Wedding. This is something to definitely consider.

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Uberbooth Photobooth

{Me and Zachary: Yeeeeeee Haw!}
 We had a great time at the kick off party for Celebrations Catering's new BBQ Division! It was a down right good time, with the some good eats! We all put our booths on, ate some delicious BBQ, learned some square dancin' moves from Gnys Entertainment, and ate some Funnel Cake, and S'mores!

One of our favorite things was the UberBooth photobooth, we all got in one the fun!
The Whole Gang is a bit silly! {Me, Gabriel, Janelle and Zachary: Age 16 months}
 So, if you are looking for not just any photobooth, but an uber cool and super fun one... check out Uberbooth!
Giddy Up Cowboy! {Gabriel: Age 3}

Monday, March 11, 2013

Babys Breath Boutonneire

Thanks Emmeline Bride for this handsome find
I love a pretty, simple, classy boutonneire, and I think this teensy amount of Babys Breath is just classy and simple and romantical.

BUT, I am not sure about the pocket square and the boutonneire, what do you think?

My regular advice is one or the other, don't have both, it's just too busy. But do you like it? Am I wrong? If I am, I'd hope you would tell me.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Navy and Peach Wedding

Found at The Perfect Palatte


I just adore this combination! I see so many possibilities, summer, spring, on a boat, not on a boat, in a church, in a field, in a garden... so beautiful and classy and not excessive or overdone.

Is it just me? Is this fun and flirty and classy?
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