Thursday, February 28, 2013

Proper Way to Set a Table

Found at Danielle MJ's Tumblr Page
There is always a thought, at least in the back of my mind... how much stuff should be on the table. Especially when thinking about your wedding, are you putting your favors on the table? Table numbers? Place Cards? How many glasses? Pre-set Water Glasses? Pre-Set Salad plates? Chargers?


This should help give you a better idea of just how much stuff you should consider before thinking about adding more... er, stuff.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Alcohol Calculator

It's so hard sometimes to determine how much alcohol people will drink at your wedding. I usually say 2 drinks per person per hour is a good estimate, people usually drink more in the first hour and then balance out by the end of the night... but there is always the Maid of DisHonor (you know who you are) and that guy from college who has 3 kids, but thinks he's still in college.

So this should help, a little. Also, seeking advice from a liquor store is always helpful too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Many People fit at a Table

Seating charts, seating your guests, how many people fit at a table, who should sit with whom? These tough questions are always left to the last minute, mostly because RSVPs arrive at the last minute.

This capacity chart should help you with a few questions before the tough task of Uncle Marvin can't even be in eye shot of Uncle Ken!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Who to Invite to your Wedding

Found via Invitations by Dawn
I cannot even tell you how many times my clients were in an argument with their parents/grandparents/uncles/aunts/god parents/neighbor's sister's friend's cat.... about who is invited to the wedding.

We think this graphic is perfect for solving that argument... just use the graph and you'll be in the right every time.

I had this exact argument with my parents about our wedding, my father wanted to invite his Aunt's and Uncle's (some I had never met) and really, since we were paying for the wedding, and I had never met them... sorry Aunt Ummmm... I can't remember your name. This is exactly why you weren't invited. Love you long time!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Wooden Wedding Chairs

Awesome Chair Dress Up Idea Found Here
In some venues Wooden Wedding White Chairs come with the venue, or they are one of the prettiest most economical options to rent.

Here is one way to dress them up, for an affordable price, forget the sagging never fitting chair cover and go with a sash, tied around the back - and then you can add cute signs to the back too!

Super cute, dontcha think?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Moroccan Wedding

Love this, found at Wedding Illustrated
One of my favorite brides, Kaycee, loved Ranunculus (she called them the swirly flowers) as much as I do, and I saw this, and totally thought of her!

How fun is this Moroccan wedding, with bold colors, and super gorg details! I love how the fruit and flowers create such a statement, and look so fun and elegant at the same time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pink and Blue Wedding

Blue and Pink Wedding Found at Heart Love Weddings

I am very color conscience. I think this is because I quilt (I know, call me Grandma) but becasue I quilt, I feel that sometimes pairing Greens and Reds can look like Christmas even though you don't want them to. And Reds, Whites and Blues can look Patriotic, even though your intentions may be otherwise.

So, normally I would say pink and blue would look baby showery, but I kind of love this.

What do you think? (You had me at sipping champage from a straw)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whimsical Colorful Wedding

Found this on Blog my Wedding
I feel your wedding should be a reflection of you... if that is fun, and whimsy, and colorful, and bright and cheery, do it!

No one said your wedding should be white on white (unless you like white on white, which I happen to love...but this isn't about me... it's about you)

So go out there, figure out what you love (which sometimes is the hardest part) and dig in, grab on with both hands, and make it about you (and your fiancee).

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wedding Cornhole

I love weddings with Southern Charm, and what better in the south than Cornhole... or a good old fashion bean bag toss - no matter what you call it, this cannot be a bad idea.

How much fun could your guests have while sipping a cocktail on the veranda and tossing a beanbag. Fun times. I promise!

Plus, I love the silhouettes with the bow and bowtie!
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