Friday, September 16, 2011

Guestbook Week Finale

For the end of our guestbook week, I wanted to share my favorite idea that I have come across. It is so intimate and creative and something you can really keep forever to look back on! And my favorite guestbook idea is...

Polaroids!! I absolutely adore the idea of the guests taking a picture of themselves and leaving a little note by it in a book. This creates added fun for your guests and for you when you get to read it!

You can do it a couple of different ways. You can set up a table with polaroid cameras for the guests to use and have a book preset with places for the pictures and a space for the guests to write a little note.

Or you could hire a photobooth place to set up a photobooth for the guests to take the pictures in. For this set up, I really like the idea of leaving a chalkboard and chalk for guests to write a message and take a picture with it. So cute!!



As you have seen, there are endless possibilities for your guestbook, and as always, do something that suits you.

Have some fun with it!! And as always, make it about your, something personal. Because, afterall it's YOUR wedding.
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