Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guestbook Letter

Guestbooks are such a great idea to remind you of everyone that shared your special day with you, but sometimes books end up getting a put aside. Wouldn't it be so great if you use the guestbook even after the big day has come and gone?

This vintage letter guestbook we saw on Style Me Pretty would be such an awesometastic addition to any new home and a constant memory of your special day!

Photo By: Christina Carroll Photography 

What are some creative guestbook ideas from weddings you've been too?? 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bridesmaids Hangers

The morning of the wedding you'll be hang-ing around getting your hair done, hang-ing around getting your makeup done, all while hang-ing out with your bridesmaids. This is why these hangers from Etsy are such a perfect gift for all of your bridesmaids for that morning when you're all hang-ing around and getting ready!

Do you guys not think these are so perfect for just hang-ing around?!?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage Spring Inspiration Board

Believe it or not, Spring  is rapidly approaching (We're not ready for it either- wasn't it just Christmas!?). As lovely as the winter weather was...well, as winter-y as Florida weather can get, Spring is such an inspiring month. The colors are so bright and happy that we simply couldn't resist creating an inspiration board that showcases how Spring can be a wonderful theme for your upcoming wedding!
Hair; Dresses; Ring; Table; Cupcakes; Birds; Lace Dress

The colors, the flowers, the vintage feel- we love it all!

Have you seen any wonderful vintagy-spring themed weddings lately?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Guests can be Animals

Your wedding day is an event that you want to be sure to share with all of your nearest and dearest, so why not include the original "man's best friend" and let some of your furrier friends attend?!

True, a plethora of pets may be a little much to handle, but these adorable photos show that sometimes, pooches are precious.
Via City Girl Weddings

Via Love and Lavender via Dottie Photography
Via 99wed

Via Off Beat Bride via Style Me Pretty
Clearly we're a little partial to dogs (shoutout to my own pooch, Bellini!), but you have to's a dog-gone cute idea. If you're not crazy about having your pet at your actual ceremony or reception, including them in your engagement photos is always an awesometastic alternative!

Would you consider letting Fido in on the festivities?! If you did, would you send me some pictures, pretty please!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Kissing Tree

Via Angel Navarro Photography
Who doesn't love clinking their glass with a fork or spoon (but seriously, I don't recommend a knife. I may or may not have witnessed a glass breakage incident once or twice from an over zealous guest) and watching the happily married couple stop what they're doing and give each other a quick smooch at the reception?

Well, the creative minds over at Style Me Pretty came up with a fun alternative to glass clinking. It's an adorable and interactive way to request a kiss from the bride and groom at the reception call a "Kissing Tree"

Via Style Me Pretty
Here's how it works: Guests pluck a kiss-marked match book off of the tree and hand it to the Master of Ceremonies, who reads aloud what the guest has to do in order to make the bride-groom kiss happen. The tasks can vary from trivia about the Bride and Groom, charades, singing a love song- get creative with it!

You can make this Kissing Tree yourself by following the instructions right here.

"The bride and groom sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage..."
...c'mon. We weren't the only ones thinking it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rose Cake

Buying a cake can be an expensive part of the wedding when I saw this gorgeous DIY cake of white roses from I Am Baker I just had to share!

This cake looks so simple to make and makes a serious statement! You can get all the steps on I Am Baker!

How awesometastic is this cake?!?

Would you give it a try? I am so tempted!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tu-tu cute!

Flower girl dresses are such a blast to shop around for. Miniature anything is just adorable, especially when is frilly, full of weddingness and most importantly...made of tulle.

Tulle is just too fantastically precious for words and is guaranteed to make any flower girl feel like a princess (us grown-up princesses love it too, we can't deny it.). So, this new trend of tutus for flower girl dresses makes us SO excited. It is tu-tu-toooo cute!

Here are a few pictures we found that show exactly how adorable tutu flower girl outfits are:

Via Etsy
Via Etsy via Natalie K Photography
Via Janet Manuel Photography
The best part? They can be found in a ton of Etsy shops...or you can even make them by hand if you're feeling crafty! Youtube has some really great DIY Tulle Tutu videos... and yes, we have totally used them.

Would you say "I do!" to the tutu?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Messages in the Sand

Here in Florida, even though it is's already starting to heat up again. While a few more months of winter-weather would be fabulous, the sunny weather does provide a lot of opportunities for fun beachy pictures!

And what could be more fun that these awesometastic flip flops that imprint the message of your choice into the sand?!
Via Flipside Flipfops
What a great way to leave your mark and get some fun photos- they'd be adorable for Save the Dates!
This is one of those "Mannnn, I wish I had thought of that" things. Seriously, what a cool idea.

With that said, you can order some of your own from Flipside Flipflop Etsy Store!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beautiful Barrel Cake

Simple cakes, Traditional cakes, cupcakes, Crazy cakes...let's be honest, we love them all. If it has the word "cake" anywhere in it, I'm totally a fan (except for salmon cakes, but we won't count that).

That is why when I saw this awesometastic and super artistic cake over at Cake Wrecks, I really did just have to share. It's seriously THE coolest.
Via Cake Wrecks via It's All About the Cake via thebecker

...Seriously, though. I still cannot get over how much this cake is the exact definition of fantastical. The details. The realistic-ness. I cannot even handle this much crafty-cool.

Have you seen any cakes lately that have just blown your mind? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do It Yourself Bustle

Via Wedding Bridal Blog
A train on your dress can be an elegant touch to any bride’s wedding gown, but can also get in the way during the reception while she’s trying to break it down on the dance floor! A simple solution can be to bustle your gown, and you don’t have to pay the huge fee for the seamstress. (what’s not to love?!) I've had two brides do, a DIY Bustle... if you feel up to it, here are the steps.

After many different experiences with bustles of all types, I’ve found that Side, American, and French are the most popular (but any option is a gorgeous one!). It really just depends on the gown and utilizing the style that fits you best!

Here are some instructions for your basic bustle from Ehow:

1.       Add three buttons to the back of your dress. The buttons will hold the train of your dress up, creating a bustle. The buttons should match your dress, and blend will with any embellishments. Pearls and beads will also work well.

2.       Sew the buttons on the back of your dress (at the waistline) with your needle and thread. Sew a button at the center of your waistline, and one on either side. The distance of the buttons will vary depending on your size. But you want the buttons about an inch in from your sides.

3.       Attach the three strips of material to the bottom of your dress. When sewing, create little loops. To create a loop, sew both ends of a single strip of material to the the underneath of the dress, leaving the middle section loose. Sew one loop at the center of the dress and the other two on either side. Once again, how far apart your make these loops will depend on the length of your train. In general, the loops should be about an inch or two in from the sides.

4.       Lift the back of the train, and fit the middle loop over the center button. Repeat with the left side, then right to finish the bustle

Make sure that you ask your seamstress which bustle is best for your dress- she has worked with a ton of different styles, so she will definitely have some great advice for you.

Good luck!

Have any of you tried a DIY Bustle?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Messages of Love and Cookies

Since it is Valentine's Day, we over at Masterpiece Weddings are filling our day with love-love-love, as much chocolate as allowed (which is a lot, trust me), the one's who fill our heart with joy, and these adorable Candy Heart imitation cookies brought to us by the always fabulous Williams-Sonoma.

via Williams-Sonoma
These cookies are not only completely delicious looking (they're not chocolate-covered, but we'll let it slide this time), but they are simple to create with help from this cookie cutter. Not only that, but they would be a great addition to any wedding reception!

I hope your day is as lovey-dovey as humanly possible!

Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Lace Mason Jars

Mason jars give any reception a completely vintage and rustic feel. They're great for using as candle holders to light up a pathway, for holding beautiful bouquets, and for filling with lace and using as the most romantical wedding detail EVER.

Yep, you heard me. Filled with lace. We came across this little gem over at The Knotty Bride. How southern and sweet is this!

Via The Knotty Bride via Michaela Noelle Designs

How obsessed with this lovely-ness are you? It's so simple, yet just such a perfectly whimsical wedding detail.
Via Michaela Noelle Designs

Did we mention it's completely DIY? According to the creator of this adorableness, Michaela Noelle Designs, "All you need is: “spool of lace, tape, scissors, large mason jar, spray paint, paint brush, glitter accent paint, & a candle or flowers.” You can find instructions right here.

Are you lusting for this lace-filled jar? Let us know your thoughts!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Anniversary Book of Love

Don't you just love being reminded of all the ways your husband/boyfriend/finance loves you?? I know, everybody does! This alphabet book of love from the Twinery is a great way to show your man just how much you love him!
It's completely DIY so you can personalize it however your heart desires!

What are some sweet anniversary gifts/plans you've ever gotten or given on your anniversaries?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Generations Photo

There is no other love quite like a mother's love, unless it's that of a grandmother's of course. My heart completely melted when I saw this photo showing three generations of unconditional love.

Photo Taken By: Megan W Photography 
How precious is this photo?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Spy Wedding Game

I Spy with my little eye....someone in love! I Spy with my little eye....the most gorgeous cake ever! I Spy with my little eye....well I think someone that supposed to be dancing? We've all played the I Spy game as a kid, so why forget about it now that we're older?

This I Spy Camera Game would be so much fun at your wedding and a great way to keep guests occupied and involved in your special day! An extra plus? You get more wedding pictures out of it-ones you don't even have to pose and smile for!

Photo From: The Wedding Bee

Photo From: Etsy

What are some of the most memorable moments you've spied at weddings??

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Stamp Ideas

Stamps are a great way to really put your own personalized seal onto different wedding stationary and other paper goods. For instance, one of our brides used a horseshoe stamp on paper bags that guests could keep to put their shoes in while they danced the night away! It was a super personal and creative way to put her personality into a simple paper bag.

Now you can get even more creative with some awesometastic DIY stamp tutorials we stumbled across at April Foster Events!

This one uses bundled celery to make a rosette stamp and the result is simply fantastical.
Via April Foster Events via Maureen Cracknel Handmade
The other stamp tutorial we thought was really neat shows how to make rolling pendant stamps from a simple piece of cork.

Images Via April Foster Events via A Bit of Pilli Pilli

What an excellent excuse to use up that bottle of wine you have laying around!
Would you use these DIY ideas on your wedding paper goods?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary! Idea

So while I mainly deal with getting people married to begin with, you know, being a wedding planner and all, that still doesn't mean there's work to be done afterwards!

At the risk of stating the obvious, anniversaries only come around once a year. For this reason, they should be extra special! I thought this idea from Black and White {Side by Side} was just so sweet and a really fun way to celebrate every year! You can do this with flowers, cupcakes, balloons, ahem, jewelry!

There's one balloon for every year they've been married (in this case, 15) and a photo from each year is attached to the bottom. 

How fantastical is this idea?!?

Friday, February 3, 2012

He Has My Heart Engagement Photo

So if you can get your man to agree to engagement photos, and knowing most guys it may take a little  batting of the eyes and favorite dinner making, they will be so glad they agreed! I love seeing the engagement photos couples take, especially when there's that element of creativity involved!

I absolutely fell in love when I saw this photo on 100 Layer Cake.

Photo By: Trent Bailey Photography 

Does this photo not grab your heart or what?? How great would a photo like this be for a save the date announcement?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Candy Escort Cards

Valentine's Day brings a few things to look forward to-aside from spending the day with the one you love, of course. There's the glitter, the flowers, the balloons, and most deliciously, the candy! There's candy everywhere! Which of course, is why I found these candy inspired escort cards from Martha Stewart to be especially perfect given the upcoming occasion.

You can use these at your rehearsal dinner or engagement party, or even a romancial dinner party!

How sweet are these escort cards??

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LOVE votive decorations

So today makes it officially February-the month of love.... Ahh I can just feel the love in the air.

I figured in honor of the start of such a sparkling month these wedding table decorations were the perfect flair!

Photo From: Better Home & Gardens

How much do you LOVE the idea of these light up boxes flirting along your dessert table??

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