Monday, September 5, 2011

Get in Shape: Nails

We are gonna start our get in shape week with something small, your nails.

Your nails are probably not too high on your priority list, but you still want them to look presentable on your wedding day, not like this..


Ew right! You at the very least want them trim and polished! I have a couple tips for picture perfect nails on the big day.

  1. If you are getting them done by a professional, no sooner than the day before your wedding, otherwise you run the risk of them getting chipped and ruined or growing out if you get acrylics.
    1. Side Note: if you want to avoid a little bit of pain when getting your nails done, push your own cuticles back with your nails or a cuticle pusher, it's so much better, trust me.
  2. If you're doing them yourself or having a friend do them, its best to go with the day of the wedding cause they probably won't last as long. And make sure they are COMPLETELY DRY before you put on your dress, please! Have them done a few hours before you put on your dress as precaution.
  3. Toenails are important too ladies. Although they may not be showing all day, it is likely that the photographer will snag a couple photos of them in your shoes and you want to look polished.
  4. Trim! You don't want them too long, medium length is probably best, then you won't need to worry about them breaking.
  5. Neutral colors or a french manicure is best I think. You can try to match your colors if you want, but I think dark nails with the white dress is a little much. But if that's your personality, then go for it!
Here are a couple of images of pretty nails for the day.


Feel free to bling them up a little with some small jewels or stick on flowers, but don't go overboard. You want the attention on your bridal beauty, not your nails, they are just an accessory.


kennady said...

Very nice decorations for nails. U can meke it more attractive if u use wedding planner because in it there will be alot of suggestions present.

cape town wedding photographer said...

Gorgeous nails...i am very much flattered on your nail art.Its really stunning.Thanks for the idea.

Pepe Fanjul Jr. said...

Trimming of nails is very important..Even Toenails are important too ladies..I like the colors of nail paint given in this blog

kaity said...

i got my very first mani-pedi the day before the wedding. it was nice to spend time with my girls getting pampered.

asian venue said...

owesome nails ...nice decorations for nails.U can have much more ideas if u choose asian venue.....

crowd SPRING said...

Nails are really important...their care is necessary to make them look beautiful..the nails in this post are looking so nice!Thanks for the tips..

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