Monday, October 3, 2011

Hiring Professionals for your Wedding

Beautiful Cake Courtesy of The Knot
When searching for the perfect baker for your wedding cake, always bring inspriation with you. In this instance, the bride brought this picture to her baker and said:

"I love this cake, can you make this happen for me?"

The baker replied:

"I have never done anything like that, but I'll give it a try"

The bride said:

"Are you sure? This is my wedding and I want it perfect"

The baker replied:

"I'm new at this, but it looks easy enough..."

And, this is what she got.

Not the same as above

Beware!!! Please hire professionals, look at their images, get referrals from professionals in your area, don't let your wedding be their test. You are looking to be disappointed.

There are so many amazing cake bakers in Gainesville, here are just a few:

KB Kakes
Ms. Debbie
Dream Day Cakes
Share Your Cupcakes

Thank you Cake Wrecks for spreading the PSA's to all of us, to hire Professionals! Go Pro or Go Home!


kaity said...

we met with both dream day & ms debbie. they were both so nice and helpful (and omg gooooooooood cake). both are great picks :)

Aadams1 said...

It's more inspiring for this wedding cake to buying wedding must. the bakers can be design well and make perfectly. The wedding planner is plan much better to find which is amazing, that cakes will order.

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