Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

From all of us at MasterPiece Weddings, we wish you a super duper New Years!

Go out and have fun - make some do'able resolutions, and make the most of your year!

And remember: The rock that is an obstacle in the path of one person becomes a stepping stone in the path of another.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sweetest Thing!

We recieved the nicest Thank You card from Kristina and Darren! I think this is a testimonial as to Why Hire a Wedding Planner! What a wedding planner does? And how a wedding planner can rock your socks off!

As a wedding planner in Gainesville, Florida (not a big city, nothing metropolitan here) sometimes the little things go a lot longer than you thought.  I just have to brag a bit...

Check out their wedding photo's here! {Thanks Gina Leigh!}

Dearest Melissa,

I'm not sure how we can even begin to thank you for all that you've done for us. We could have gone crazy trying to plan our wedding from Chicago! But you and your team kept us sane, organized and reminded us to enjoy the process and stop worrying about all of the little things.

You are truly perfection at what you do. From the first meeting you made us feel welcome and like instant friends. Thank you for being so available to your "Pedro" & Kristina! A simple phone call can relieve so much stress & resolve many things. We know how difficult it must be sometimes to be so accessible. We appreciate it, and hope we didnt' bother you too much!

Thank you for taking the time to really get ot know us, and listen to our hopes and wishes for our special day- without you, our vision could have been lost.

Thanks for being so much more than a wedding planner to us. Thanks for being a sympathetic ear, a therapist, and most importantly a friend. We already miss you, your office, and your hugs! We are always an email, facebook or phone call away! Let us know if you ever need anything!


Kristina and Darren

The sweetest, right?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lucky Guest Blogger! Part Duex!

I love Erin's Inspiration boards, they are so pretty and festive! And I can't thank her enough for her Guest Posts!

This board began with the festive pinecone boutonniere from April Hiler Designs. Black and white is, of course, a favorite palette of mine, and it is an easy palette to customize to any and every season. Red is a perfect choice for a holiday accent color!

Sources: Pinecone boutonniere - April Hiler Designs on Etsy; CakeReal Simple Weddings; Bouquet on Chair - Anna Williams; Bride's hair - Eclectic Images Photography; Drink - Sweet Paul; Shoes - Jayd Gardina Photography; Bride - TM Photography; Candles - Erin Ever After; Pretzels - Sweet Paul; Invitation - My Personal ArtistCoffee - Just be spLendid 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Lucky Guest Blogger!

We have some fantastic guest bloggers in the coming weeks, I hope you enjoy their posts, they are some of my very favoritest people in the whole wide blogesphere! If you don't ready Erin's blog, you are missing out! She is full of amazing designs, inspriation, and wit - LOVE HER! So without further ado, Erin....

My favorite color this holiday season is blue. Blue feels romantic and festive. I like the idea of adding a touch of gold and green to make it unusual and unique.

If you are planning a wedding over the holidays, did you choose classic, traditional colors or go with something out of the box?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

From our entire family to yours! I hope your holidays are full of wonderment and suprises!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter Boards: Red & Green

Happy Christmas Eve from MasterPiece Weddings! Since we are in the Christmas spirit, we're ending our Winter Board week inspired by reds and greens.

What do you think?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Boards: Red & Aqua

This week we are featuring winter inspiration boards in honor of the upcoming holiday. We paired red and aqua together for an unexpected color combination and look how beautiful it came out:

What do you think?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Vendorzilla: Photographer

Photographerzilla... do you realize that after the wedding, you are what the bride and groom have. Your work. Your albums (hopefully!) Your referrals... not if you are a Photographerzilla! Please, don't zilla'ize yourself!

Photographerzilla, if you want to be at the rehearsal, that'd be great! If you ask to chat with the bridal party for a minute or two, that's great too... but don't turn that 2 minutes into a 30 minute speech about how you'd like things to run tomorrow... uh, not your day.

Photographerzilla, I sent you the timeline in advance we talked about it... you discussed it, we adjusted it to suit your needs... so on the wedding day, if you say you need another 20 minutes, it's really not a big deal, until it starts messing with the other vendors... like, dinner.

Photographerzilla, sounds obviously...but be on time... show up.

Photographerzilla, don't delete the bride and grooms wedding pictures from your memory cards until they are uploaded to your computer in at least duplicate... cuz I've seen photographers loose entire weddings. Literally.

Photographerzilla, meet your deadlines for albums. If you promise an album in 6-8 months after the wedding and a year goes by and the bride and groom still don't have an album (and they met your deadlines) they are gonna be mad.

Photographerzilla, don't scream to your staff at the wedding in the middle of the ceremony. HEY OVER THERE! Everyone can hear you... unprofessional!

Photographerzilla, don't cut the Father of the Bride in the buffet line! I promise you'll get to eat...

Photographerzilla, don't scream curse words at your staff. Everyone can hear you. And it's really bad form if your staff is your wife.

What are your fears for a photographerzilla?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vendorzilla: Florist

Dear Floristzilla, a bride usually has some very specific ideas for her flowers, or her colors, or her look. And she really puts a lot of stock in you to help her make her vision come true. You can quickly go from being her best friend to her floristzilla...

Floristzilla, if a bride shows you a picture of a bouquet and says she wants it to look exactly like that, make sure that the bride in the picture isn't a size 2 and this your client is a size 14, that will make a difference in the size of the bouquet. And you don't want her to ultimately be disappointed.

Floristzilla, please realize how important colors are to brides. If her colors are Burgandy and Rose, and the blooms show up to you and they are hot pink... please know that isn't going to be acceptable. Fix it before you deliver the bouquets.

Floristzilla, if there is a problem, address it, you ignoring the situation doesn't make things any better. It does in fact, make it worse.

Floristzilla, communication is K-E-Y! Please communicate, don't wait 3 weeks to return a call, don't answer other calls in a meeting with your clients, don't be late to meetings, don't not meet the contract obligations.

Floristzilla, if the bride tells you she has $10,000 to spend and your initial proposal comes back $30,000 that is going to scare her off. Don't do that. And then, don't come back and ask me what happened...

Floristzilla, don't get on your high horse during a meeting, there is already a lot of emotions going on when a wedding is being planned. And additional drama queen (or king) is not necessary.

Wow! There are so many more... what would make your florist a "zilla"?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vendorzilla: DJ

DJzilla... WOW! Don't be this guy....

Djzilla, we love you, and we want you to make this party awesometastic! So, really... help me out!

Djzilla, just because you are a rockstar DJ on Rock The Buzz 101.1 and your morning show listeners love to hear your voice, doesn't mean you should talk through the whole reception.

Djzilla, there is a timeline for a reason. We developed the order of events with the bride and groom. Please don't willy-nilly change it. It really confuses everything.

Djzilla, don't sing over the music... someone sings that song, and was paid really good money to make that music, you are ruining it.

Djzilla, you are an Mceeing the event, you actually need to let people know when things are going to happen. Speak english into the microphone... don't mumble... please!

Djzilla, uncomfortable silences are uncomfortable for a reason... please play music constantly... otherwize it sounds like a cafeteria!

Djzilla, if you cannot speak English well, scratch that... if you cannot speak English... and your words all sound slurred together, practice your words.

Djzilla, please don't get trashed at the wedding. You are there to work, not get so drunk that we need to call you a cab.

This goes back to using professionals! Please use professionals and you won't have this problem. Get references. If you are working with a Professional Wedding Planner, you'll be able to get professional recommendations from us, about who to use...and who not to.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vendorzilla: Caterer

Caterzilla... oh how we love your food, but your 'tude is killing us!

This post is not about one particular caterer, but about all of the things that caterers can do that make them a 'zilla.

Caterzilla, it would be nice to see an estimate within a few week of meeting with a client. Waiting 9 weeks and then wondering why the client didn't choose you... hmmm.

Caterzilla, if my client wants to know what ingredients are in something you make, it's probably because there is a food allergy, please don't lie. No one is trying to steal your recipes, we just want to make sure that no one dies.

Caterzilla, if my client has menu questions and they email you.... and you don't email them back - EVER. They are bound to be ticked off.

Caterzilla, if someone asks you if you have a set menu to choose from and you don't... and you only do custom menu's for clients, that's okay, but let them know. Don't hang up on them.

Caterzilla, sometimes taking the high road is better than sabatoging an event... oh and doing that, would be just wrong. The high road is always better.

Caterzilla, if you staff is rude - please handle the situation.

Caterzilla, don't blame the bride and groom for your wrong doings... that just upsets everyone.

Again, these are not examples of just my events, they are from my friends who are wedding planners too. From all over... these are all situations that were handled, alot behind the scenes and can all be avoided.

Moral of the story: Hire professionals.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vendorzilla: Make Up

I love this picture! Brittany was just such a beautiful bride! And a joy to work with! {PSA - She didn't have a make-upzilla... I just liked the picture}

This week I am going to talk a little bit about 'zilla's. Everyone has heard of the term Bridezilla and frankly... I am not a fan. Honestly, we are blessed, we have amazing brides! I love our brides! If I could collect them all and put them in a little box and keep them with me all of the time I would!

But sometimes you have a vendor that you are working with that forgets, it's the bride's day. And there are 30 other vendors that you are working with that day to make sure that HER day is perfect.

This week is dedicated to that vendor... the its-all-about-me-vendor-who-runs-on-their-own-time-schedule-and-doesn't-care-about-anyone-else-but-them vendor.

Vendorzilla! {insert the dum, dum-dummmmmmmmm music}

Make-upzilla, please return calls that are made to you. If a bride or a wedding planner call you, actually if anyone calls, it's always poliet to return our calls.

Make-upzilla, if you wouldn't mind writing our bride's schedule in our planner so that on the wedding day, when you have 5 girls to do, you don't leave after doing just one...

Make-upzilla, it would be nice if you remembered to write our brides wedding date and trial in your book so that when we call to confirm you know what we are talking about.

Make-upzilla, we create a timeline and give you an hour per face, if you need more time, please let us know. And don't tell us you need 15 minutes per person, when really you need more. That doesn't help anyone.

Make-upzilla, it would also be nice if you remembered the price quoted so that when we call to confirm you are coming, you don't just pull a number out of your your-you-know-what.

Make-upzilla, if you have it noted to come to the brides location where she is getting ready, don't all of a sudden force her to come to the salon... and add a $350 travel fee to the bill.

Keep in mind these are all situation that we've had to work through, through the years. Most, if not all of them were resolved, without the bride knowing!

That is the beauty of having a wedding planner! Allow your wedding planner to handle the details, you just relax and remember it's YOUR day! Your dream day should be perfect!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Blogs We Love: Hostess With The Mostest

When I first started blogging I fell in love with Hostess with the Mostess her pictures and her style - ahhh-mazing! If you haven't been there for recipes, decor ideas, drink recipes... really tons and tons of inspiration... you need to!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blogs We Love: Planning...Forever Events

Not that I play favorites, but one of my favorite people planners... is planning....forever events (don't tell her, it'll give her a big head) her personality totally shines through in her writing, and it made me fall in love with her.

Yup, I have a blog crush.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blogs We Love: Cocktails & Details

When you are looking for a fun blog, with tons of great information, look no further than Cocktails and Details. Great drink recipes, beautiful weddings, and everything I need to make me smile.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Blogs We Love: With This Ring

This week, I wanted to show you some of my favorite blogs, there are 100s on my Google Reader, but some of my favorites for inspiration and knowledge.

Take a peek and if you haven't added these to your Google Reader... you must!

First up, With This Ring... great for real wedding inspiration, with tons of real life wedding tips! (and life tips!)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Green & Gray

Intern Melissa did such a great job with this green and gray inspiration board, didn't she?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Event Insurance

One thing you don't think about is having insurance on your wedding day. I mean, think about it. You have it on your house, your car, your health, your life.

But what about insuring a party. Have you thought about that... if you answered no, you probably should and here is why...

You insure things for events that you can't think about, not necessarily for things you can. For instance - you are probably a 20-something, or even a 30-something, you don't think about dying... but what if you did... that's why you have life insurance.

You are having a wedding, the biggest day of your whole-wide-life! Probably the most expensive party you are throwing to this day. What if something happens... something big... or something not so big.

What If's:
  • Your reception venue burns down
  • Your photographer has a tragic accident
  • All of your images from your photographer are stolen from their car after your wedding
  • You caterer goes out of business the day before your event
  • Your florist forgets about your wedding
  • Your ceremony site is eaten by a massive sink hole the day before your wedding
  • Your guests get ridiculously drunk and cause major damage to your reception facility
All of these things have happened! And almost all of them can be fixed at the last minute, but what if... what if... what if! It's not about what we can plan for, it's about what we can't plan for.

That is why you have event insurance... We love WedSafe, it's very reasonablely priced, and can really cover your ass...ets.

Because it's about you, andthe details, and what you aren't thinking about. So now, you won't have to think about it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Check Out Our Clients!

How cute hot are our clients!? Jen and Tony had their engagement session done by Footstone Photography. Footstone did an aaahhh-mazing job, don't you think?!

What are your favorite ideas for engagement sessions?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hints on Tastings

I love cake! I mean I seriously LOVE CAKE! So when a client asks me what to look for in a cake, I take that very seriously... probably too seriously. Nahhh... it's cake!

How do you taste a cake to make sure that you love it, that it's everything you want it to be, especially your wedding cake!?!?

That's a great question, and I am so glad you asked!

We've actually talked about MasterPiece Weddings and how we do cake tastings for our clients. But let's talk about the actual tasting part.

First, look at the cake, does it look pretty... even if it's just a slice of cake. Is it crumbly or is it a nice moist piece of cake.

Second, check out the filling, is it pretty and glossy... if its fruit, does it look like the fruit it's supposed to be... if it's Strawberry and Cream, does it look like it?

Now you can taste it... but wait!

Taste the filling first, do you like it, is it tasty?

Taste the cake next... Yummy? Moist? Delicious?

Taste the frosting next... what do you think? Too Sweet? Grainy? Deliciously perfect?

Now taste them all together! How do they taste all together, perfect? Be thinking about how the flavors meld in your mouth, do you like the way they all come together?

It should!

That is my idea of the perfect cake tasting!

Now bring on the coffee!

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