Friday, May 30, 2008

Posh Purple!

We are planning a posh super chick purple event and I thought I'd share a little inspiration with you all, aren't they super purply'rific!

This is our inspiration...

Which one do you like better?
Sources: Martini, Flower in vase, Dress, Damask wallpaper, Box of favors, Purple invitation, Building, Head piece, Purple table setting, Purple place setting, Shoes, Silver boxesSources starting from the top left and moving clockwise are (white couches), (empanadas), (candle), (centerpiece), (potato pancakes), (hanging candle), (chicken tapa), (flowers), (martini)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beautiful Emotion!

Your wedding day is so emotional! On all accounts, on all sides of the family - Dad is sad, because he knows his baby girl is all grown up, but I promise he's happy at the same time... I know my father couldn't hold a tear in his eyes while he danced with me to Butterfly Kisses on my wedding day!

Brides are nervous, grooms are nervous... it feels like all eyes are on you, and well, frankly, they are. So don't forget to breathe, don't lock your knees, and remember you are marring your best friend, so focus on your best friend! And these tears are Happy Tears!
I love these images from k Gallery and Powers Photography! They truly capture some of the emotions that are surging through on the wedding day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Top 5!

Yesterday I had Christina let you know what she felt her Top 5 things learned at her first wedding with MasterPiece Weddings were. I wanted to explain some of what she said, maybe give you some back story.

1. Every wedding planner needs a Mary Poppins’ carpetbag… by the end of the night, I was waiting for Melissa to pull out a coat rack from her “wedding bag.”

We did have to get a lot of stuff out of the Wedding Bag at this wedding, I guess I never think about what comes out of it, and how much thought went in to choosing the things that I knew I'd use a lot. I think I can do anything with DoubleStick Tape, a Sharpie Marker, and Binder Clips!

{Me playing War with the Bride to ease her anxiety}

2. A wedding planner must be able to wear many hats. I watched Melissa have many transformations, including the organized businesswomen, the patient waiter, the comforter to the nervous and crying, and the dancing queen.

We do have to wear many hats. Another thing I don't think about, I just do. At Katie's wedding, we had to wait over an hour for the Venue to be unlocked. I had confirmed the time for it to be opened 3 times, and after waiting and waiting, and having contacted the owner of the facility by cell phone and emails- proves you can never be too prepared.

I did have to comfort the Bride's Daughter, she's old enough to be aware of what was going on around her, and before the ceremony I found her crying pretty uncontrollably. When I asked her what was wrong she just stared at me with these bright blue eyes and huge tears falling to the ground. She couldn't even talk. Finally she confessed that she was scarred. She was scarred of messing up. I then told her that I would be there to let her know when do walk, stop, go, where to stand, and if she messed up it was my fault. I think that made her feel better. Poor thing!

And after everyone is gone - I always take a dance with my favorite DJ :)

3. Never let anyone see you sweat, even if it is 120 degrees outside.

Holy Cow! It was Hah-ot outside!!! (I have pictures to prove it!)

4. The job of networking never ends. Melissa was working every connection that the venue had; it was very impressive!

Another thing I guess I don't even think of.... the photographer was newer to the business, and I had never worked with him before. And of course the vendors that you know and trust, you gotta chat with them!

5. Just because you pass next to a candy bar, does not mean you have to eat a piece of candy! After cake, Rice Krispie treats and candy, I was in complete sugar shock. I had a large piece of pizza on the way home!

So first and foremost, the guests never see us eat... but if you can sneak an M&M then more power to you :) But lemme tell you, there was so much sugar at this wedding! We set up the candy bar to end all candy bars, cake, Rice Krispie Treat Grooms Cake... I felt like the sugar never ended!!!

To be honest, the main thing I learned was that being a wedding consultant is not for everyone and is definitely not as easy as it seems! I know I have a lot more to learn, and I’m definitely glad to be learning from the best!

Truer words have never been spoken!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I heart my Interns!

So this was Christina's first wedding with me - I asked her at the end of the night what she was most surprised about, and what she felt she learned the most. At the end of the conversation I asked her to write it down....

And she did!!! Good Girl Christina!! :)

I was surprised at what she felt her Top 5 things learned were... but then again, looking at it from a "virgin" point of view, it makes sense!

Without further ado, Blogosphere meet Christina!

Having been raised in New Orleans, a city where parties are standard for any occasion, I figured that working my first wedding would be a breeze. To my surprise, after a night of watching people dance, I was forced to recuperate for almost two days before feeling well enough to reflect on what I learned during Katie and Bradley’s wedding.

To be completely honest, the entire day was a whirlwind from the reception site set up, which ended up being a waiting game, to the last dance of the night. However I did learn a lot from listening, watching and doing, and here are my top five (in no particular order):

1. Every wedding planner needs a Mary Poppins’ carpetbag… by the end of the night, I was waiting for Melissa to pull out a coat rack from her “wedding bag.”

2. A wedding planner must be able to wear many hats. I watched Melissa have many transformations, including the organized businesswomen, the patient waiter, the comforter to the nervous and crying, and the dancing queen.

3. Never let anyone see you sweat, even if it is 120 degrees outside.

4. The job of networking never ends. Melissa was working every connection that the venue had; it was very impressive!

5. Just because you pass next to a candy bar, does not mean you have to eat a piece of candy! After cake, Rice Krispie treats and candy, I was in complete sugar shock. I had a large piece of pizza on the way home!

To be honest, the main thing I learned was that being a wedding consultant is not for everyone and is definitely not as easy as it seems! I know I have a lot more to learn, and I’m definitely glad to be learning from the best!

I think I'll post my version of her top 5 tomorrow!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What I used Yesterday...

Although I am suffering from quite the Wedding Hangover - I wanted to take some time out today and share with you what I used from my Wedding Emergency Kit yesterday and why I used what I did.

I think this might be fun to do every Monday after a Wedding, I know that I don't use every item at every wedding. But this way we can see any trends, and how I used what I used.
  • Corsage Pins: We needed so many pins, the florist didn't include them with the boutonnieres, so I used mine from my wedding bag.

  • Playing Cards: The bride was so nervous before the ceremony, Katie thought she was going to pass out or throw up, so just before the ceremony to kill a bit of time and get her mind off of being nervous we set up a game of War... she won!

  • Deodorant: Katie thought she was sweating up a storm - and was afraid of stinking, so she used deodorant allllll over her body - and with the temperature this weekend, I don't blame her!

  • Mints: Peppermint is a good tummy calmer and fresh minty breath for that kiss!

  • Bobby Pins: The flowergirls' hair needed a bit of fixin'.

  • Advil: Someone had a headache... And I think I snuck a few too...

  • Tissues: Actually it's a disposable hanky.... gotta wipe those tears... Happy Tears!

  • Scissors: We had to use them like 200 times...

You never know what you might use or not use! I can't believe I didn't have to use the Smelling Salts! Sometimes I don't even have to open up the emergency kit, and sometimes it can't come out of my sight!

What's your favorite item in your emergency kit?

(Oh and don't worry, you'll find out what that super awesome surprise is VERY soon! I am so excited about it!!!)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wedding Day!

Oooooooh!!! We've been working since 7AM, but boy oh boy - do I have some exciting stuff to tell you!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Katie and Bradley Get Married... again!

I am totally excited! Katie is amazing! Bradley is incredible!

The wedding can be nothing but perfect, I just know it! We only have to battle the weather, and Katie's fear of throwing up/passing out/crying uncontrollably/falling during the times for me!
Nothing I can't handle!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Halloween!

What does MasterPiece Weddings and Geico have in common?

I attended a Fundraising Auction for Adfed (an Advertising Auction supporting High School Students wishing to obtain a degree in Advertising) last night and MasterPiece Weddings donated an Event Planning Package - well, Geico bid on our package - donating a pretty penny to the cause, and won our planning package.

It looks like I'll be planning the Annual Geico Halloween Party, how fun!

Maybe I'll dress as a Caveman?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Heart the Bubbles!

I love Bubble Tea! Usually I order Jasmine Tea with extra Boba -- but today as I am sipping my afternoon snack, I was thinking... What a fun way to personalize your wedding reception, cocktail hour, or rehearsal dinner!

It would be a fun and unique way to personalize your events- And why not have a Boba Tea bar at your wedding! If it's something you enjoy and it's something you and and your fiancee want to share with your family it would be nice during the cocktail hour.

Basically it's Green Tea, mixed with fruit flavors, real fruit, and sometimes cream - YUMMMY! Then Black Tapioca Pearls are sitting at the bottom of the glass... looks really pretty - and so fun!

Here are the logistics to Bubble Tea:

Famous Family!

My cousin Michelle lives in California and she's smart, and beautiful and she's getting married! I guess word got out, and tada - she's on the cover a Bridal Magazine!!! She's the one on the right! I am so excited for her!!!

Check out her spread!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Photograhy Phun!

I am so blessed to work in an area with some super fantastical photographers and you've heard me talk about a few of them.

But did you know that Powers Photography started a blog!!! Susan and Stewart are so fun to work with and their work is beautiful, fun, with a touch of sophistication, I know you'll fall in love with them over and over again!
Photography is so important, it's not just the pictures, but the full package, you need to make sure that you love who you are working with, the pictures are incredible, and the final album tells the story that you want it to! I think that Powers is the complete package! (and they travel internationally as well!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dinner Party Disaster!

There's no use in crying over spilled Milk, right? So, what happens when you invite your neighbors over for dinner for the first time - and your dinner is a disaster, how do you handle that gracefully?

Well, let me tell you what happened... I'll start from the very beginning...

Once upon a time, two couples built their houses right next door to one another - and had been promising to get together quite often. Finally, one of the neighbors, Melissa (that's me), asked them to come over for a BBQ Feast on Sunday, and they graciously accepted.

Melissa, who loves to entertain, and try out new recipes from her Gourmet Magazine - found a delicious new recipe for BBQ Pork (that takes almost 24 hours to prepare and cook), Homemade Hamburger Buns, Homemade Coleslaw, and a slew of other fantastically delicious items and decided to make it all...

Since Melissa, loved to play in the kitchen she started on Saturday letting the dough for the buns rise and baking the potatoes for the potato salad, and slices and chopping the cabbage for the slaw, preparing the meat, making the dessert....

Although the buns didn't rise as much as she hoped, they sure looked delicious, and the pork was doing great, on Sunday morning, Melissa made some more of the vinegar "mop" for the pork and continued to let it cook "low and slow" - on Sunday afternoon it was falling off the bone, and she "pulled" it off the bone and let it soak in the mop - Melissa carefully placed the BBQ Pork on a large platter and put it in the over to warm.

As it was getting closer to the time her guests were to arrive, Melissa set out some starters to munch on, got the table set, with the homemade buns, and the slaw, potato salad, tomato salad was done, looked like the best BBQ dinner EVER!

As Melissa's guests arrived we all chatted, and started to walk to the table after munching for a bit. Melissa then brought the BBQ Pork to the table, and as she reached the table, the platter slipped from her hands and in the slowest of motion it fell to the ground. As she saw the pork fall to its doom, and splatter to the floor, in a large lump of delicious 24 hour pork lump, she stared for a moment, then asked "How do you all feel about Pizza?"

So sad! All that work for spilled pork. (My husband still plans to eat it...but don't tell)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Communication is Key!

My mother was a big proponent of communication - there was one time, when I was 10 or 11, I dis-owned my sister, like literally told her that I wasn't her sister anymore. And I hated her. (Kim, I love you, you are my sister and my best friend - I officially apologize for disowning you 20+ years ago, I hope you can forgive me). My mother forced to me realize that we needed to talk this out, and she was my sister no matter what.

Anyway, back to communication - this is all relative, I promise!

As a business person, communication is a tremendous part of my job, I have to communicate with my clients, I have to communicate with vendors, I need to make sure that vendors communicate with each other.

Just recently we had a problem with a florist that was asked by a bride to have extra Red Roses for a wedding cake, the bride paid for these extra flowers, and when the cake was being set up, the florist brought over 5 red roses (instead of the 40 that were paid for) that were half dead, and when the cake baker picked them up, the petals all fell off. Not only is that bad communication, but bad business.

I then had to run to the local grocery store and buy new flowers.

Apparently, I'm not the only one having this type of problem with this florist, they have been confirmed for specific items and not brought them, or actually told another vendor that they weren't needed for an event, even though they were!!!!

Everyone is afraid to talk to this vendor about their behavior, but someone needs to - looks like those skills my mommy taught me will come in handy.
{Cake by KB Kake Kreations - more on that cake on Monday}

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let's Eat Cake has a Home!

We've confirmed our home for Let's Eat Cake! And I couldn't be more excited!!!
Thank you Paramount Plaza Resort!!! I think it's a perfect fit!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Wynn - WOW!

The Wynn. So Oprah's stayed there she recommends it - I honestly thought, what's all of the fuss about, it's just another Vegas Hotel, right? Wrong!

This hotel is incredible! The shopping is unbelievably incredible, but that's besides the point...

My site visit started with a visual tour of the New Encore Las Vegas (Wynn Las Vegas' Sister Hotel) which is going to be an all-suite hotel - all of the meeting spaces will have open up terraces to the pools. Both of these properties define luxury on the Vegas Strip and still have incredible dining, great shopping, fun nightlife, and unbelievable service!

When planning an event in Las Vegas and you'd like to keep it intimate and still have all of the luxury, have great shopping close by, delicious food, definitely consider Wynn Las Vegas!

My husband and I had the fantastic opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal at Wynn's Country Club Grill, it was fabulous!

Certainly -check it out Wynn Las Vegas and soon Encore Las Vegas!

Vegas, Baby! We're Back!!!

We had a terrible time getting back! Our flight was canceled, then delays - then more cancelations. So I am back a day late, and literally a dollar short - but we are back! And I have some stories for you!

We arrived in Las Vegas late (seemed to be the theme of the weekend) and I had a site visit at The Palazzo, Carl is my Sales Manager there, he was so helpful! Their banquet/meeting/conference areas were beautiful!
Basically, it's Vegas so no matter what we needed could be done - it's a massive space!

Their rooms are beautiful! I mean amazing, we've stayed all over Vegas, from The Wynn, Bellagio, MGM, Mandalay Bay, Venetian and Now The Palazzo, and frankly as far as rooms go, I don't know if I'd stay anywhere else! It's beautiful, you are treated like royalty and the All-Suites rooms and simply incredible! With turn down service every night it was simply incredible, chocolates on our pillows and soft music playing when we arrived back to our room, it was quite a treat!

Our Site Visit showed us all of the rooms, including the one bedroom suites, and those are Sweet Suites! Simple a remarkable hotel! If you have a chance, I'd highly recommend it!

Next up our site visit to The Wynn....

Friday, May 9, 2008

We have an event coming up in Vegas next year and I HAVE TO do a site visit... Darn it!

I am a very thrifty traveler... so when a trip comes up, especially to a town as tourist driven as Vegas, the first thing I do is a search for "Vegas Promotion Codes" - now if you have some place specific you wanted to stay, change that search to "Venetian Promotion Code" or "Palazzo Promotion Code" and you'll come up with some great savings!

For instance, I found a code that gets us a Sweet Suite at the amazing Palazzo, for $179 a night, plus:

$25 Gaming Credit
2 for 1 entrée at Mainland
Spend $50 on food and receive $15 off at the 40/40 Club
2 for 1 beverages at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Complimentary Internet Access

Pretty Fantastic, huh!

We are on our way to Las Vegas! I'll be back Monday, and let you know all about my fantastic site visits!

Does anyone else just love hotels??

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Best Toast E.V.E.R!

I don't know if you saw this on Style Me Pretty or not, but I can't stop thinking about it. As a Wedding Planner I see SOOOOO many toasts and I've had to write a bunch for various clients - yup just like the movie!
But this one was so fantastical, I laughed, I cried - the emotion is so raw and so beautiful, I love everything about it! Check it out here! Thanks AMC for catching some great footage!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Top 7 Worries!

I was reading In-Style recently and Peggy Post revealed the Top 7 Worries for Brides.

7. Getting along well with future in-laws
6. Drawing up-and trimming-a guest list that does not offend
5. Staying within the wedding budget
4. Keeping attendants happy and involved
3. Politely managing hundreds of details (ceremony, reception, etc.)
2. Corny as it might sound, keeping the magic alive with future husband
1. And the single biggest worry...being gorgeous and calm on your big day

These are all very valid concerns and quite frankly hiring a good wedding planner can help with most of these issues. I know it sounds like a shame-less plug {it kind of is - check out our website}

A good wedding consultant, can help you the days, weeks and months leading up to your wedding day making sure you look gorgeous, stay calm, your girls are well taken care of and happy, make sure you stay within budget - all well within a good Wedding Consultant, such as the fantastically amazing consultants at MasterPiece Weddings!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wedding Save! Part II

There has been so much response to the previous Wedding Save! I thought I'd add another, this one less of a "situation" - but still happened none-the-less.

The Maid of Honor was a big larger than the other bride's maids and the bride very graciously gave each of the bride's maids some beautiful jewelry, but didn't give a second thought to the sizes of the necklaces for bracelets for larger or smaller bridesmaids.

The necklace didn't fit the larger girls, so the engineer in me kicked in, and I looped together safety pins and hooked them to the clasp of the necklace.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Wedding Save!

There have been so many times either prior, during or after a wedding that I think to myself, "Phew! I am so glad that I am here!!!"

There was one time in particular that I called to confirm vendors for a bride, like I always do about 2 weeks prior to the wedding - and I was told by the cake baker that the florist had called and canceled cake. The florist told the cake baker that the pastry chef at the reception location was baking the cake -and we didn't need her anymore.



How in the world does that happen?

The florist thought he'd be helpful and tell someone something that wasn't true. This wasn't the case, the bride still thought the Cake Baker was making the cake, so did I, so did the reception site.... no one ordered a cake from the mysterious reception location pastry chef, no one told him he was baking the cake...

But one person messed up the whole thing.

When I called the cake baker, I asked "Can you, please, please still bake the cake? She said "Oh yes, absolutely I can!" And she thanked me for saving the job for her, and I had to make a phone call to a florist who thought he was a planner!
And never told the bride...
This could have been such a mess!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Let's Eat Cake!

I can't even contain myself with excitement, there has been so much response to our needs! Lucky Designs offering to do our Save The Dates, Erickson Design doing our Invitations and Sponsorship Letters.

Bride's Magazine offering to put us in their calendar - and possibly some other things I can't mention....

Pastry Chef's chomping at the bit for details. Hotels offering their services - I can go on and on!

I am so super duper excited, I feel like I am planning my own wedding, but with lots of cake! Lots and lots of cake!

With all of the generosity that I just talked about, I feel like a greedy organizer, but we need more. An event of this caliber requires so much, check out our Wish List - and let us know if you can help!

And if Preston Bailey is reading this... can you email me? Pretty, Please! I'd love for you to judge our competition!!!

Cake Construction

Selecting your style of cake can be confusing! And keeping in mind your cake design will depend on a lot of different considerations. Most couples prefer to save the top layer from the wedding cake for a future anniversary celebration.

But a lot of bakers are now offering a free voucher for a duplicate top layer of your cake on your anniversary. Some couples prefer this over 1 year old cake.

There are several styles of wedding cakes:

Stacked Cakes: This is where the layers are directly on top of one another.
Pillar and Plate Stacked Cakes: Notice there are supports in-between each layer of cakes.

{Image from Maisie Fantaisie}

Center Pole Cakes: This is the style of cake stand that uses a single column to support the tiers of the cake.

{Image from Slaton Bakery}

Asymmetrical Cakes: The simplest definition for this style of cake design is that the individual cakes are not aligned evenly around a central axis.

{Image from Powers Photography}

I hope you enjoyed your cake lesson today!

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