Monday, January 17, 2011

Tassimo Winner!!!

Okay, so after a busy week, I wanted to announce the winner of the Tassimo T20! I figured since I announced the drawing on video, I should announce the winner on video!

{Excuse the exhausted look, I have been up and working since 5AM, and it's now 7PM...and I don't have on any makeup, and look re-donky-donnk,.... plus I didn't think you'd all care, since you all just want to see who won, right...}

So watch the video and see already!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bridal Nesting Labs: Tassimo T20 Review

turn the volume up...

Check out the video review of  the Tassimo T20! We had such a fun time reviewing this awesome machine! We made Tea, Latte's, Coffee, and Hot Chocolate! Each drink takes less than 3 minutes.

If you are making coffee Christmas Morning for 20 people this is not the machine for you. But if you want a quick cup of Joe, or you want to make a Latte for yourself, a decaf for your husband, and a regular cup for your brother... this is perfect!

Our biggest flaw was that I couldn't find the pods to make the drinks locally, we had to buy them on Amazon, but they were cheaper than if we could... so that's a plus!

And if you want your own Tassimo T20, along with Coffee Pods and Cappicuno Pods... all you have to do is comment on this post!

Contest Rules:

1. Comment on this post with your favorite coffee.
2. Winners must live within the US (sorry International friends)
3. Contest Deadline is January 14th at midnight
4. Winner (one winner) will be drawn randomly

In the interest of full discretion, the Tassimo machine was sent to me for free to review on my blog. However, the reviews and opinions of MasterPiece Weddings are completely our own, and do not reflect the views of any other.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Introducing Nest Labs!

MasterPiece Weddings is thrilled to announce that we are opening our a lab! We will be testing some of the best gadgets in the entire world! (slight exaggeration)

So, if you have a product you want our experts to test, and review right here on Adventures in Wedding Planning... let me know! I'd love the opportunity to take a peek at your product, gadget, or future wedding registry item!

Tomorrow one of our favorite reviews yet... on video!
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