Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monday French Chic Inspiration

Erinn came up with another inspiration board to start your week off right. The chicness of this French board is pulled together with soft blush colored details and black and white photographs. She thought a French winter wedding would look a little something like this:
Heather Gray, Blush and Ivory

{Eiffel Tower}{Bride}{Groom}{Necklace}{Bridesmaids}{Shoes}{Cake}

What do you think? We think it's lovely.

Friday, August 28, 2009

GatorBrite Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

GatorBrite Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is offering an amazing deal for MasterPiece Weddings clients! They are currently offering professional teeth whitening for brides and grooms for only $75.00 a person. (Retail is $129.00!) Now, if you haven't thought about it, having your teeth whitened before your wedding is probably a necessary investment. You want those teeth to sparkle against that bright white dress and shine in those timeless photographs. Plus, it's just another reason why you should go with MasterPiece Weddings! If you think that's a good deal, it gets even better! Why not have your entire bridal party go? When you bring in 4 or more people, the bride and groom can have their teeth whitened for free!

You could look like these brides with their beautiful, dazzling smiles!
What are you waiting for?! Here are the details:

GatorBrite Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening
101 N. Main Street Gainesville, FL 32601

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Name Change

Many changes come with getting married. A new house, a new lifestyle, new kitchen appliances and future family additions. But first things first, the biggest change is a new last name. When it comes to changing your name, a woman can decide to take it or leave it. We're asking you newlyweds to please change responsibly! Some women become attached to their maiden name but still want the same last name as their husband. A quick fix: hyphenating that baby and putting all the names together. What women don't consider is the possible torture of writing out all of those characters on every important document that exists. We're talking checks, doctor visits, insurance forms...the list could go on forever. Just think, you could be writing this out every day:
or this one...
So brides, think carefully about your future name. You don't want people stumbling over your name and not remembering it after an introduction. If you want to keep your last name, make it your middle name!
What did you decide to do with your last name change?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Plum, Charcoal and Slate

Our latest inspiration board was done by Erinn in our office. She was inspired by the color plum and the richness it brings to a wedding. Mixed with the dark charcoal and lighter slate gray, the board becomes very vintage, romantic, and elegant in it's details. Take a look for yourself...
What do you think?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Book by it's Cover

Don't judge a book by it's cover - it's a commonly used saying. Bascially, some of the most unique finds are found in the most unlikely and sometimes plain- of places. Or if you are expecting one thing from "it's cover" you maybe be suprised.

Well, this weekend - I was cutting into a fruit that I've cut into gazillions of times... a Honeydew Melon...
Your typical HoneyDew... the palest of greens on the outside, the thump was perfect, we were ready for the super sweet suculent fruit on the inside.
Well, when I cut it open, this is what I found.

Huh? A HoneyDew on the outside, and Catelope like on the inside?!?!? Is this a new thing, maybe a Honeylope, or a Cantedew?

But, {I promise!} I do have a point, don't judge a book by it's cover, don't think you've found the perfect wedding planner, because you see an advertisment that says they are "the premier planner" that planning company dubbed themselves that... or fall in love with a photographer because they have a nifty website, or a super chic blog... get to know who you are hiring. It's your wedding... learn about your vendors.

In other words...

Read the fine print!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Funness!

I love, Erin's Designs on her lists! I use her Blog Idea's list and her Grocery List, and her To-List... yeah, I am list kinda girl.

But I love this new Honey Dew List! Don't you - what a cute idea to print out some as an addition to a Bridal Shower gift!

Check out her other lists here, and print them for FREE!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fab Find!

Don't laugh... Promise...

If you've promised - you can keep reading.

Hello, my name is Melissa, and I am clean freak.

There I said it - it's out there.

The point of the "coming out" is that when John and I built our house, the one thing I didn't know was that we had hard water, hard lime infested water. And this lime infestation although really didn't affect our drinking {we have filters} it did affect our toliets. And I loath toliet rings, and I couldnt' get rid of the stupid ring on the toliet, it drove me crazy and I tried everything, Lime-Get-Rid-Of-Products, Scrubie Brushes made of all kinds of materials, ranging from metal to plastic... Bleach this and Bleach that, every toliet cleaner made of everything you can image.

You get the point...

Okay, so then I found this... a non-chemical miracle worker. Have you met Pumie?

It is amazing, and cleaned that ring, and polished my toliet, no chemicals!

I am calling this the miracle worker and thinks it's the best invention EVER! Would make a great hostess gift, along with a bottle of wine!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catering Crumbs!

One of our favoritest, funnest caters now has a blog and a twitter account! So check out Catering Crumbs for fun catering advice, amazing urban catering ideas, and just plain fun stuff!

Leah and her staff work really hard at finding fun unique wants to display food, they make eveything fresh, and their displays are incredible!

So check it out, and then follow Leah on Twitter, at CateringCrumbs!

{and if you aren't following us, we are WeddingPlanner1}

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding JumpStart!

We had such a great time at Wedding JumpStart on Saturday! We met with so many brides - ate amazing food from Celebrations Catering, Kake Truffles from KB Kakes, and the service at Jay's Bridal was amazing!

In case you are unsure of what Wedding JumpStart is, we are at - Amanda and I were at Jay's Bridal all day to chat with brides, answer questions, offer free wedding advice, give planning guides to those in need, offer vendor referrals, and offer support and advice when needed.

If you don't know if you can or need a wedding planner, that's a great time to chat with us and see how we can help you!

We should be at Jay's again soon, we'll keep you posted.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Inspiration Board: Red and Orange Watercolor

The same idea as last week's - focusing on soft, washed-out tones - but this time with red and orange. I find it surprising how much it plays down the intensity of these two colors. Quite gorgeous! Thanks Ashley for another beauty!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Pure Relaunch

We just got word about some awesome giveaways that will be (and have been!) going up on the blog of talented wedding photographer Lindsey Tropf, with Pure: Photography by Lindsey Tropf. She has completely redone her business branding: colors, logo, website, business cards, blog, and more. To celebrate and share her own excitement, she is having a week of giveaways before her launch with unique wedding items from both local vendors and some personal Etsy favorites. So, starting today until next Wednesday, make sure to head to her blog each day to enter! Every day will be a new giveaway with the winner(s) announced the next day. The prizes get larger and more expensive, so be sure to keep going back until the end! And... she just released her new logo - isn't it adorable? We couldn't be more excited for her! Make sure to check it out.

Friday Funday!

It's been a while since I've given you something just plain cute to look at, but honestly, I am thinking about renting out my nieces as Flower Girls! I'd make millions!

How adorable are they!

Meet Peyton, she loves to talk on the phone, she has great manners, and is just super cute!
Meet Sydney, she loves Movies, Dolls, and Stuffed Animals, she is just plain adorable!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't Miss This One

I know we already told you about one of the fabulous bridal events we'll be attending this fall, but in case you cannot make that one, we will also be attending the 2009 Fall Bridal Fantasy Show on August 30, 2009 from 1PM-5PM. 
It will be held at the Renaissance Resort inside the World Golf Village Complex in St. Augustine, Florida.
And... it is sure to be fabulous...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Sweetest Thing: Tracey and Matt

Just received the sweetest thank you note from one of our May couples, Tracey and Matt, accompanied by this fabulous thank you card...
{Images courtesy of pure.}
Isn't it stunning? Anyway, their note read:
We cannot thank you and everyone at MasterPiece Weddings enough for all of the time and care you took to ensure that our wedding day was perfect! Having you at our wedding really put us at ease. There is no way we could have made it through the day without you! You were professional, but very personable when dealing with our desires and we appreciate every detail. Thank you for your encouragement and support throughout the entire process. We cannot recommend you enough to anyone that is getting married! THank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and care, as well as all of the special touches to make our day unforgettable! 
So sweet! Sometimes I cannot believe we are so lucky to get to work with such wonderful people!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amazing GiveAway!!!

Hove you been to Lucky Designs blog? Have you entered her contest? If you've answered no, I suggest the following:

Step 1: After you are done reading this post, head immediately here: Lucky Designs
Step 2: Leave a comment on this post
Step 3: Thank me after you win this incredible Birthday Present!

We are just huge fans of Lucky Designs and wish Erin an amazing 29th Birthday, again and again and again!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Inspiration Board: Blue Watercolor

Based on the idea of soft watercolor tones, we wanted to channel a soft serene vibe with this soft blue and green palette. Ashley did a fabulous job finding just the right images for this one.
Quite lovely, isn't it?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Become Certified

MasterPiece Weddings is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting another Wedding Planning Certification Course this October 3-4, 2009 at the fabulous Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club. Check out Be a Planner for more information and the rest of the details.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Winners: Dance Me, Daddy

Thrilled to announce the lucky winners for the Dance Me, Daddy giveaway. Each of these winners will receive one brand new hardcover copy of the book. 
So big congratulations to Jared, Brittany, & Charlotte; Imma; and Mara. Please send us an e-mail at info {at} masterpieceweddings {dot} net for more information and to claim your prize. 
Thank you everyone for participating!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inspiration Board: Black and Blue

Recently, one of our clients sent us this photo as inspiration she wanted tied into her wedding. Sometimes you really just cannot predict where inspiration is going to strike and she found it in this image. So, along with some ideas on how to tie in her theme, Ashley pulled together this to help her follow her vision...
What do you think? Aren't they stunning colors together?
Sources: Invitation, Cake, Menu Cards, Cameras, Favor, Candy Bar with label, Candy Bar, Wine Bottles:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

THE Stimulus Package

Sometimes you just fall in love with with a vendor, and even though they live 100 miles away, you wish you (as a wedding professional) could do every wedding with that person. That is how I feel about Jeffrey Stoner of Stoner Video. Such a fun guy, with a great personality, and honestly just plain awesome! Well, I just got this video and his personality shines - plus he's offering you $500 or a free toaster! Jeffrey Stoner Video Wedding Stimulus Package from Jeffrey Stoner on Vimeo.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Celebrate with Style

Celebrate with Style is a fantastic resource for brides! It offers tons of advice from amazing wedding vendors like Colin Cowie (who I adore), and Me (Gainesville's Best Wedding Planner)! (Never thought I'd ever have my name and Colin's in the same sentence!)

You can check us out here - and you can see many other amazing event designers, planners, musicians, all offering great fantastic, and useful tips to help make your wedding fabulous, after all, that's our goal!
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