Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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More on Amy F. from with the pixie grin... {she had our most hysterical post about "the girls"}

Cutting it out...

Hi there! It's been awhile, I know. Things are crazy..work, holidays..and other fun stuff...And of course with all that's going on, there is always a little wrench thrown in to keep it exciting..

So, I'll just cut right to it...My future MIL booked THE perfect spot for our rehearsal dinner. It's a fab little place I used to work at back in my serving days..actually, it's probably my most favorite workplace...ever. Not only were the people amazing to work with and for, but the food would literally melt in your mouth..I remember specifically the beeftataki , the salmon served with coconut rice, the pecan pie with the homemade molasses ice cream. sigh. I miss it y'all. For real. So...they have this gorgeous covered patio that is going to be perfect for what we thought was going to be around 30 people...

Ok, this is a problem. My future MIL says that we invite the bridal party, parents, and out of town guests. But..uh..that's over 60 people. I. am. not. kidding. So who gets the axe? And what if they are all catching up at the reception? I can just see it:

"Oh wasn't that dinner just wonderful last night?" (says Maw-maw from Florida)

"What dinner?" (Aunt So-and-so from somewhere across the Mississippi River)

"The rehearsal dinner, of course...didn't you go?" (Maw-Maw again)

"Oh. I wasn't invited." (poor Aunt So-and-so from across the Mississippi River)

Sigh. What do you think? There isn't enough room, let alone enough money to pay for 60 dinners. How do we decide? What would you do?

So ladies, what do you think, what would you do?


*Michelle said...

We are in a similar situation. Most of our guests are out of towners plus, we don't have the smallest families either. My future in-laws were about to have a heart attack at the idea that they were going to be faced with the "we can't afford that" answer. My parents, however, weren't going to not invite the out of towners b/c when my brother got married, they didn't invite the OOT b/c it was too many people and EXACTLY what you mentioned happened and a lot of friends and family felt very hurt. So we are having the rehersal dinner for the immediate family and ceremony peoples, and then inviting everyone for drinks and dessert at the "Welcome Party". So far, the idea has been a huge hit!

Beach Weddings said...

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Abbie said...

I would throw an after-rehearsal-dinner get-together as well to include those that weren't invited to the actual dinner. It could even just be at a local watering hole or something. That way, everyone from out of town can mingle, and it'll save you from feeling like you have to make the rounds to talk to everyone the night of the wedding.

AmyKristen said...

I know the rehearsal is really just supposed to be for immediate family and bridal party, but once you invite one extra person, everyone else gets their feelings hurt. I would say either keep it at the 30- family members and bridal party, no exceptions, or just go big and take the hit later. I left it up to my MIL since she is the one paying for it. I think we'll have around 50. But our place can hold up to 75 I think, so it's just the money that's the issue! I think it should be who YOU and your fiance want there. You should feel relaxed and excited the night before your wedding; not stressed out and worried about pleasing everyone! :) It'll be perfect no matter what!

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