Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three Blind Cakes!

So, I've mentioned before that at MasterPiece Weddings we set up Blind Cake Tastings for our clients! It's so fun to collect these ltitle white boxes and get them all set up for our clients!

We have a tasting sheet that they can judge the cakes, and we explain exactly how to taste your cake(s)... so I thought I'd give you a step by step on how to set this up for your clients, or friends or yourself.

We do this for several reasons. You go into the tasting without any misconceptions of the baker, if you've heard a rumor about their filling or cake, you won't know if it's Publix or 4-Star Baker that baked the cake. You truly pick the cake you like the best.

We make sure that the bakers we choose for your blind tasting can create the Masterpiece that you desire, and that it fits into your budget.

Now it's time for the rules.

First you need a Third Party, some one to gather the cakes and label them by numbers, and keep a legend. (we do this for our clients and they come by and pick up the fun!)

Have a cake tasting sheet, so that you can properly keep score of the cakes.
First taste the filling. On it's own. How do you like it, how's the mouth feel. Does it taste like the flavor it should?
Then taste the icing on it's own. How does it taste, does it leave an aftertaste? Do you like the flavor?
Then taste the cake, on it's own, just the cake. Is it baked to perfection? How's the flavor? Mouthfeel? Do you love the flavor?
Then all of the pieces together, taste them all. Do they work for you, do you love it! Is it the best thing you've ever put into your mouth? Is it heaven?
Then the client calls me and says.... we like {fill in the blank}!
So fun!
What do you think?
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