Monday, November 10, 2008

The Sweetest Thing!

You know when you meet somone and you just know that you'll be fast friends! It happens with clients sometimes, you sit down to chat with them and you immediately find things to chat about, and totally hit it off.
When Lindsay came in to talk with Kristin and I - we loved her ideas - they may not have been traditional ideas, but who says they have to be, right? She wanted to wear a pink dress, and have a super fun cake topper, and leave on a tandum bicycle - and her colors were Hot Pink and Mango Orange... in November... who cares! That's what she wanted... and it was awesome!
Then, I got the sweetest thank you card from Lindsay!
Where to begin? Thank you for "getting us" and not trying to squeeze us into one of the stero-typical wedding couples. More importantly, thank you for actually being excited about our perhaps unusual ideas!! I had a great feeling as soon as I met you and I simply cannot imagine my wedding without all of you. The day was absolutely perfect and there isn't a doubt in my mind that much of that is becasue of your hard work, expertise and passion. I truly enjoyed sharing this experience with you and I am forever grateful for all that you did to make this day so special, so perfect!!!

Can't wait to get the pictures back from the photographer to share iwth you, because they are going to rock! Check out this awesome picture from their engagement session!

Thanks K-Gallery for a super fun day!!! You guys are fantastic to work with, always professional, timely, and just plan rock!
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