Thursday, November 13, 2008

Radical School!

Kristin and I had a blast a few weeks ago! We had a chance to speak to a great group of photographers {at the School of Rad} about Marketing to Wedding Consultants. This class was taught by K-Gallery Photographers, Matt and Krystal. It was so much fun! What a fun group!

We got to meet and chat with photographers that we've had the opportunity to work with, and photographers that we've only had the opportunity to blog stalk! I seriously felt like I was meeting a group of celebrities! Yes, I am a dork! {but have you seen that picture of Krystal... }

So, to start off the day, I made cupcake truffles for the class, you can see Krystal is on a total sugar rush!

Then we set off to have a round table discussion about marketing and what as Wedding Consultants we look for from Photographers.

Then I got to be in the class photo:

All pictures taken by K-Gallery.
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