Friday, November 14, 2008

Thank you!!!!!

So literally, the Sweetest Thing! Today, after lunch the girls and I were craving serious Chocolate! So much so, we almost went to the drug store to get some... then I talked myself out of it... I am training for a triathlon afterall!

But then, this box showed up!

Who read my mind? But better yet, who would send such an incredible gift?

So as I torn open the box.. I found this.

and this...

For their close-up

The card was from Matt and Krystal from K- Gallery!!! Thanking us for speaking at The School of Rad!

Hey guys, anytime! You are so welcome!!! It was a blast! Thanks for the delicious gift, we ate them up as fast as we could... and I let the honorary SB have one too :) Thanks for the Sweet Treat!!!
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