Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Gift for Mom

Wedding day is a bride's big day-the day she's dreamed about since she was a little girl. But the bride is not the only one who it's a big day for.

From the time her daughter is a little girl, a mother dreams of the day she will help her daughter into her wedding gown, and the man who will stand beside her. A mother teaches her son to be the perfect man, so that she can one day watch him marry the perfect woman.

While the wedding day is filled with happiness and laughter, there are also those tears of joy that flow as well-trust me, I've done a few of these. These handkerchiefs from Etsy are such thoughtful, adorable gifts for a bride to give to her mother and/or mother-in-law to keep their eyes dry during the day.

How sweet are these?? I'm not sure how I'm going to keep it together when Gabriel or Zachary are walking down the aisle, I already cry at every Mother Son Dance! 

 Have any of you moms ever gotten anything special from your bride or groom on their wedding day?


bridal girl said...

That is the sweetest you could say to her! Love it! She will love you back too the way you love her and her son.

Wedding Etiquette said...

As a recent mother of the groom, I would have been thrilled to receive that gift. It's such a compliment to know that you've done a good job and you're appreciated. Mother-in-laws get such a bad rep.

brown.jack76 said...

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Wedding Gifts said...

That's so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Medford, Oregon Photographer said...

Oh, very sweet and adorable. What a great idea!

Jeny said...

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Sarah said...

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