Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cake Inspirations

During the ceremony everyone is focused on the bride and groom, and of course, the bride's dress.

But when it's time for the reception, the focal point is undeniably the cake. Which makes it all the harder to wait to eat it!

These are some gorgeous wedding cake inspirations from Better Home & Gardens made by Delicately Delicious Bakery that we just had to share! 

So elegant!

How awesometastic are these floral cake toppers?!?


Amberlynn said...

Love this! I am trying to convince my fiance that the cake has to be the showstopper. I'm talking 6-8 tiers, flowing flowers, the whole nine yards. These cakes are absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to share some ideas with my baker!

Stephanie said...

That looks amazing. I wish I could try that cake.

Favors for weddings said...

They rock !! I love the color! So fresh!

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