Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years DIY Week: Part 5

To finish up this week of DIY, I wanted to save something special for last. On the wedding day, it seems stress can run a little high, especially among the bridal party. If anyone can attest to this, I can- don't people realize they hired a wedding planner to take care of everything?!? In any case, you want to be prepared for any little thing that can be done to ease the anxiety the day of.

These DIY Emergency Kits we found on Intimate Weddings are the perfect gift for bridesmaids to give to the bride, or a bride to give to her mom-you know, if she's one of those moms that will probably be worrying more about the schedule than the bride herself.

Items included: 
       Snack: Water bottle, granola bars, muffins, mints/gum
       Medication: Tylenol, pepto-bismol 
       Toiletries: Deodorant, oil-blotting sheets, body spray, lotion, tissues, clear nail polish, nail file
       Odds & Ends: Safety pins, bobby pins, lint brush, scotch tape

Now, as a wedding planner these are just a few of the things I carry with me at all times. But in the event that you don't have one (for some reason), these are a few essentials you may want to have with you. You can even get yourself a cute monogrammed bag to carry them all in! 

Have any of you ever been to a wedding where there was a bridal emergency??

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I Want Wedding Champagne! said...

I am definitely going to make a emergency kit for my friend who's getting married and myself too, a prepared bridesmaid is the best bridesmaid!

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