Monday, January 23, 2012

Outdoor Inspired Centerpieces

Flowers are one of my favorite parts of weddings, they are just so absolutely gorgeous! Some of the centerpieces that people display at their tables are so amazing-sometimes it's hard not to grab them and run!

These nature-inspired centerpieces we found on Better Home & Gardens that were too gorgeous not to share!

Can you believe these are vegetables?!?

What a great idea for something as simple as a brown paper bag! This beats the lunch I used to put in mine! 
What do you guys think about these arrangements?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the brown paper bag idea!!!! The one with the veggies is to die for. Thanks for sharing!!

Charlotte limo service said...

These bouquets are absolutely breathtaking!

Liz- Image3D said...

Those artichokes are so unique! I love it!

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