Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sparklers for your wedding

New Years was a week or so ago, but don't put away those sparklers just yet!

There is a use for them besides just celebrating the arrival of the new year! Incorporating sparklers into weddings is something we just love!

And they make for some seriously fun pictures!
Photo Taken By: Ron Parks Photography

Photo From: 100 Layer Cake

Photo From: Pinterest: Kaeleigh Curtright

Photo From: Loft3 Photography

Photo From: Style Me Pretty

Do these not light up your imagination?!? How would you add sparkle to your big day?


Dream Day Cakes® said...

Don't forget to give a few to your favorite wedding cake baker to light up that wedding cake!

cheap prom dresses under 100 said...

very innovative

Chantal said...

These pictures are just stunning and what a fabulous idea to use sparklers. The one picture looks like it is from Cinderella.

Ketubah Designer said...

Nice photos collection! Have you heard about Ketubah? As a Filipina it's interesting to learn that besides the perfect wedding ring, the couples needed to choose the right Ketubah Designs for their Jewish wedding ceremonial. This piece of document is like a contract that will be signed by the couples in front of the witnesses. This is like a bond of responsibilities, truthfulness and love for each other and their future children.

Michael said...

the picture fabulous and the amazing idea. about the wedding planner.

Kāzu foto said...

This is an awesome set of photographs!

Christina said...

What a fantastic idea, it makes for some beautiful photos.

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