Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ideas for String Lights

You may notice that now that the holidays are over, those tiny strings of lights that you use for...well..basically all aspects of decorating are being offered at super reduced prices everywhere.

What you may not have considered is that those little bulbs of joy can be a wonderful (and seriously inexpensive) addition to your wedding decor, whether for your wedding day, or engagement party or just for a fun dinner party.

We've seen quite a few uses for them, but here are a few that we think are quite "bright" ideas:

Wine Bottle Light via Craftzine

Paper Flower Lights via Sparkle & Hay via DIY or Don't

Cupcake Liner Lights via Curbly

Who knew there were so many creative options for string lights? I adore the cupcake liner idea (and now have an intense sugar craving.

One vanilla cupcake with extra icing please and thank you!).

Do these crafty ideas flip your innovation switch to on?


flowers Dublin said...

Lovely photos and amazing idea this is. It is really creative work. Concept of this type of decoration is new for me. I had never seen this type of light decoration.

January Gemorie said...

Hey, i love the idea of using cupcake liners, a few years back we recycled hot cup of coffees we have compiled from frequent coffee take out and used it the same way you used the cupcake liners, it created a nice effect as the black, gold and red print in the cups illuminated, then again looks like the cupcake liners look more brighter.

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