Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wedding Fitness

Via 31:17 Training
A lot of brides are looking to drop those last few pounds before the big day, but don't know the right type of workouts to do.

Plus, let's face it. You can only sweat your bum off on the elliptical for an hour so many times before you start getting a littttllleee bored. (that's what I've heard, anyway....)

But, thanks to A Paper Proposal, we found a great interval training Bridal Cardio Boost to get your metabolism working super fast and those pounds melting off!

If you go here, you can find step by step instruction guides on a few different cardio fat blasters. My personal favorite is the "Thirty Minute Slim-down." (I tried it yesterday. My glutes hate me but it was AWESOME)

What is your gym routine of choice?

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groom wedding speech said...

I'm not really doing any workouts for my wedding. :\

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