Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Guestbook Set in Stone

Everyone knows the best part of a wedding are the memories you get to take with you-but what if those memories could be a little more set in stone? This was such an easy and awesome alternative to a guest book we found from Emmaline Bride!

Photo By: Cabana Pictures
Here's how it works- Each guest signs their name on one side of a stone and then chooses a word they think describes the bride or groom on the other, and places them in their respective buckets. Then after the wedding, the bride and groom are left with memories of how much all their friends and family love them!

This would be so great to decorate your garden or use to make a centerpiece to place in your house!

Have you guys ever signed personal guestbooks?? What were some of the ideas you loved??

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Sheena @ The Wedding Duchess said...

This is so so creative! How do they write on stones though?

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