Friday, October 7, 2011

Taking care of You

Eat Right.
Okay, so I am fairly selfless, I admit it, I put everyone in front of me. My family (pictured above is our 19 month old Gabriel - he is getting the last of the milk out of his cereal bowl- the kid cracks me up). But I digress, I love my clients, my family, my friends... and I have had a really hard time saying no.

Saying no to projects.

Saying no to my husband.

Saying no to my friends.

Not volunteering for that church committee.

It's hard, no is the hardest 2 letter word out there... I want people to be pleased. I want people to be happy. I don't want to say no.

Just like you may not like an idea that one of your friends or family members has for your wedding, you don't want to break their heart if they feel a pink bedazzled underwear cover is perfect for you and you hate the idea (I don't even know what an underwear cover is...if you love them, I am sorry...)

Stay Clean. (that's Gabriel and Harrison in the bath)
Getting to my point... promise.

There are times you have to just check yourself out, say no to everyone and have some YOU time. Read a book, take a bath, light some candles, turn your phone off, open that bottle of wine, turn on a movie you love. Just take some you time. Life is stressful enough, add to it, planning a big event - and you leave yourself open to get sick. Trust me I've done it.

Blurry Gabriel on the first day of school.
Remember what it was like when you had no cares in the world (if you can even remember back that far) When the best part of your day was eating that after school snack and your mom wasn't there to count how many cookies you were eating.

And breathe.

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Sarah Jackson said...

I totally agree! Everyone needs their me time, and sometimes that's not always easy to find, but when you do find the time it's glorious! LOVE this post! Story of my life...

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