Monday, October 10, 2011

Corset Back Wedding Gown

Me tying a Corset Back.... photo by Damon Tucci
I think that having a corset back on your wedding gown is gorgeous! I don't play favorites, buttons are beautiful too!

But when you have a corset back, there are 32 different ways to lace a corset and they all work.... your dress sales person will do it one way, your alterations seamstress will tell you another, the designer of the dress may have had another in mind... and your planner, well, she does it every weekend. And knows some great ways to lace you up!

These are my hands lacing up my sister's wedding dress. You want it to look pretty, but at the same time, a corset is function it needs to hold up the dress (amongst other things) in the gown for the night. And it will losen with movement, humidity, sitting, standing, breathing, so if it needs to be tightened once throughout the wedding evening that's okay.

My point of all this, is to trust your planner when she's lacing you up, and also budget some extra time (usually 15 minutes) to make sure you are in, it's straight and it looks pretty.

It doesn't have to be like this:

Me pretending to pull on Summer's Corset Hard - Photo by: Pure By Lindsey

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