Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

When thinking up fun and thoughtful gifts for your wedding party, the bridesmaid gifts are a snap! There are so many adorable and perfect gifts that your closest girls will love, cherish, obsessed over, etc.

...but what about the groomsmen?

Thanks to this unique and delish idea we found over at Floridian Weddings, that question is easily answered:
Via Floridian Weddings

A DIY Groomsmen Goodie Box full of food and booze (for these are a few of their fav-o-rite things)!
Via Floridian Weddings

This gift box is not only super fun and full of wonderful treats like brownies, Maker's Mark (which is my husband's favoritest in the whole wide world), and a miniature flask that your groomsmen will surely appreciate, it's simple to make as well! Floridian Weddings gives you complete DIY instructions on how you can create this giftbox (and those delectable looking brownies) yourself.

{This post is in honor of the wonderful John DiStefano (ahem, that's my hubs) and his love of Maker's Mark}


Eric Hegwer said...

I must have a dozen flasks I received as gifts from all the weddings I was a groomsman.

Libby James said...

GREAT gift idea. Even better if you engrave the flask and bake the brownies yourself :)

Liz- Image3D said...

Those brownies look amazing!!! mmmmmm!
Probably tastes way better than our custom view-master style reels and viewers haha!

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