Friday, October 21, 2011

Wedding Templates

A friend of mine recently emailed me explaining that her bride-to-be friend was in a dilemma. She was going down her bridal to-do list and saw that ordering invitations was next on her agenda. She set out to find some wedding-invite options, but soon got some intense sticker shock at the costs she was given.

I think this happens often, you get engaged and just don't realized all of the costs associated with a wedding in general. Frankly, it all adds up. And paper, isn't expensive, but the work that goes into creating an invitation out of that paper, is costly and labor intensive.

Creating your wedding invitations can be a blast, but many brides don't realize that they can also put a decent sized dent in your bridal budget. For that reason, we are here with a suggestion: templates!

Via Marinaatmakina Via Etsy

Via Designwomb Via Etsy

Templates are an easy way to choose the invite image you want, the designer customizes your details (Name, Date, Location- you know the drill), emails it back to you and you take it to a printer- voila! Wedding Invites Galore!

Via PhotographicMVP Via Etsy

Esty has a wonderful selection and variety of beautiful wedding templates- so simple. so quick. so fun!

Just do some finger exercises, because you'll need to build up your using scissor muscles... most likely.

Have you ever used templates or know someone who has? Share your experience with us!


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Party Invitation Templates said...

Templates are always an easy option.

Wedding Invitations Australia said...

Why people don't use this option more I have no idea.

DIY Wedding Invitations said...

This is easy as well as creative.

Baby Shower Invitations said...

This is true. One can be very creative and diverse with using templates.

Unique Wedding Invitations said...

We used templates for our wedding invitations and it worked out just fine.

Christening Invitations said...

Templates can be really flexibly used when planning your wedding. They can be molded into any theme.

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