Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's all about Me!

I am not one to brag about a product unless I've personally used it and loved it! And tonight I am letting you know that I found something that I loved!!! It's a bath product, called Me!Bath, I am sure you've seen it - they look like large scoops of ice cream and the flavors they come in are endless, from Mango to Magnolia.

My husband and I went to our local spa and afterwards I purchased a scoop of Me!Bath, the Lychee flavor (I wish I'd gotten a dozen!) - and used it tonight. It was amazing. It fizzed like crazy, smelled amazing, turned the bath water a beautiful salmon color, and left my skin feeling amazing! Seriously silky smooth!! The scoop released minerals, oils and leaves your skin feeling and smelling beautiful!

So when you are ready to spoil yourself or a friend - try Me!Bath products, and they make a great hostess gift!
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