Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hippy Love- the 60s!

The 60's was full of love, love, love! And the weddings, real weddings, I am not talking about Hippie Weddings, but regular ole' weddings, were amazing, and absolutely showed the love surrounding the bride and groom.

The gown on the left was a Couture design from Calvin Klein - so beautiful! I think my mother has a photograph very similar to this on a staircase with the dress billowing behind her. Just a timeless pose.

In the next image, I just love the bobby socks with the flat Mary Jane shoes, so adorable, with the knee length bridesmaids dresses. And the dainty ribbon in their hair - is too cute! I do love the lace trim on the brides gown at the hem-line of her ballroom gown.

This next image, is the start of a tradition that spanned several decades, the HUGE veil, this reminds me of my veiling in the early 90s - BIG! Her ballroom dress was BIG, her headpiece was large in the front and hung low on her head. Her bouquet was on the larger size. You can see that the 60s was the start of the 80s - if that makes any sense.

I simply love this image! I love how the bridesmaids all have veils! And the groomsmen are wearing very large carnations, and the bridesmaids have the frilly tops, this is another trend that was welcomed into the 80s. (I think you can tell that the groom just wants the photographs to be done with so that he can get home and start consummating this marriage!)

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