Monday, January 28, 2008

Flashback: 50s

So this weekend, my husband on and I were watching the news, this is really nothing new or exciting. There was a short piece recognizing that it is the 75th anniversary of The Lone Ranger. And they showed a radio, as that is who we, as a people, used to get our entertainment. Not sitting staring blindly at a television. So much has changed, we have definitely come a long way.
This got me thinking. How far has the wedding industry come. I mean really come. We still have the same 5 F's principles - there still must be Food, and Flowers, and Photography, and a dress, and some form of entertainment...
This week we are going to flash back through time, each day taking on a new decade. Starting with the 1950's.
One thing that I think is important to remember is that one thing has NEVER changed - and that is that the promise of marriage is still here. We are still committing to one another through sickness and health - good times and bad. Marriage is and always will be a sacrament between two individuals that love each other, and that stands the test of any decade.
Men in the 1950's took their role to look distinguished and held it close. This gentleman in this photograph just looks like a million bucks, don't you agree. I love the top hat. Not very men can pull it off now-a-days without looking goofy, or like he's trying to much.
This shows that the sacrament of marriage just hasn't changed. It's still there, and has prevalent in the 50's as it is today.
We are definitely gone to a more simpler headpiece - tiara's or nothing or maybe a small clip with some embellishments, like pearls or crystals. But honestly, I can see some aspects of those dresses in today's dresses. Some use of lace, or again, something very simple.I think this dress stands the test of time - it's just as exquisite in it's brocade glory today, as it was in 1952! Don't you think?
Being a Wedding Consultant, I find it an honor that YOU have asked me to help you with your wedding day. This is a day that you'll remember forever, and I feel truly blessed to be helping you make your dreams come true. Thank you!
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