Thursday, January 31, 2008

Flasback to the 80s!

Yup, welcome to the 80s! Everything was BIG! And strange, looking back, I can't believe my mom let me wear nougahide! I looked like a couch, with huge shoulder pads!

But the 80s for a wedding, well really it meant BIG as well. Lots of train, lots of veils, ruffles, tulle, sleeves, lots of crinoline, and just lots of shiney fabric. Brides wore hats with veils, and big hair, big curls, did I mention things were big?

Another big thing that happened in the 80s, was the BIG wedding of Princess Diana - that was when my love affair with weddings began. I remember waking up at 5AM and turning on my little Black and White television so quiet my parents couldn't hear and watching my princess marry her prince.

Dresses were big, flowers were beautiful long flowing layers of roses.

Lots of shiney fabric, almost to the point where you could see your reflection in the fabric.

And men, well, they look handsome, minus alllll that hair..
I think we've learned alot from our past, but first and foremost, I think we've all learned that marriage after all isn't about who can have a bigger wedding (literally or figuratively) it's about the marriage. The joining of two people lives forever and it doesn't matter what you wear, what your hair looks like (although it's fun to look back) it's about the love shared between two people and two very different lives, become one amazing life.
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