Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Super Secret Project, Part Duex

Another piece of our Super Secret Project is the Wedding Day! I am so appreciative of Amanda and Greg for allowing their day to be captured from the Consultant’s point of view.

As you may already know there were some early morning challenges that weren’t captured by the photographer {Stewart Powers} so let me give you a bit of background:

6AM – Wake up to a phone call from the florist with a question about the reception design and lay out
7AM – Confirm some final details with the reception location and set up
7:30- Have a cup of coffee, some cereal {knowing it might be a while before I eat again}
8:00 – Answer some emails
9:00 – Pack up the car wedding bus
10AM – Head out to run some errands for the bride
11:15AM – Call Rental location to let them know I am on my way to pick up 11 Chivari Chairs… they are aware I am on my way…
11:30AM – Show up at locked rental location – start banging on every door they own
11:35AM – Start banging and screaming “HELLLLOOOO!!!! IS ANY ONE THERE???”
11:37 AM- Run around to the back of the warehouse banging and screaming “PLEASE BE THERE – WHERE ARE YOU!!!?
11:40 AM- Call the rental location and can hear the phone ringing inside…. No one is there..
11:42 AM - Call someone to get someone to find someone at the rental location, they don’t answer leave a message
11:48 AM – Still banging… and decide to drive to the other location to find someone to get my clients chairs
12:07 PM – Arrive at other location, they are locked up tight (no surprise, they close at noon)
12:09 PM – Start thinking of places I could find chairs for my bride….
12:11 PM – Call other rental locations… no answer
12:15 PM – Head to The Hilton and ask my friends if I could beg, borrow or steal 11 chairs
12:17 PM – Get permission – HOORAY – I load my car wedding bus with 11 chairs {and I didn’t have to prostitute myself for them!!!}
12:30 PM – Head to the suite to let Amanda {the bride} know about Chair-Gate, and inform her that I will make sure she gets a refund… and the chairs will be amazingly perfect!!!
12:55 PM- Receive a phone call from the florist that he’s arrived with the personal flowers – I meet him downstairs to help bring them up to the suite
1:02 PM- Arrive to the suite with the flowers, show Amanda, and she loves her bouquet {it’s amazing!!!}
1:42 PM – Show Amanda her Bridesmaid’s flowers, and in the right light, they are the wrong color
1:43 PM- Call the florist to explain kindly to get-their-butts-over-here NOW to fix the color of the flowers
2:00 PM – Video starts…. Here!

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy The Real Wedding Day!

** Update - I don't know why some of the last letters are missing... silly program! {Sorry!}
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