Friday, July 18, 2008

Photography Week - Almost there!

We are going to finish up Photography Week with a Big Finish, another Husband and Wife team that are both Master Photographers. They both have such different styles to their photography, but exceptional in their own rights!

Sooo... I've decided to introduce you to Powers Photography in two parts. Stewart first, and then his beautiful and very talented wife, Susan!

Funny and Ironical story, my first job in Gainesville when I moved here to go to school, right before I got the wedding bug, I worked for Powers Photography (for 2 weeks!!!) and realized how much I love weddings, and knew that was my calling!
Without further ado, let me intoduce you to Stewart Powers!

How did you get into Wedding Photography?
Photography chose me when I was in high school. My homeroom teacher picked the red headed kid in the back corner with no camera or experience to be on the annual staff. Photography became my addicted passion. I later got into wedding photography as a way of paying for school. I've been doing wedding photography ever since and have loved the stories, the experiences, and witnessing the love between two people.

What do you consider your style of photography to be?

Editorial – a blend of classic and documentary style. We have won many awards for our storybook style of wedding album – and I feel the heart of what we do is being visual storytellers. Of course the prime directive is that the bride looks her finest in the photos!

If you could offer one piece of advice to a bride, and only one, what would it be?

Hire your wedding photographer based on their expertise, style, and creativity. Think about what you want to take away from your wedding...gorgeous images of you looking your best in your wedding gown, heart-felt pictures that tell a love story of you and your groom, and pictures with those that support you along the way, your family and friends. Visit a photographer that catches your interest and be sure to see the finished product of a wedding-the album. Hiring based on a few cool photos or a blog may leave you feeling silly when that album disappoints.

What's the most rewarding part of your job?

Being a part of someone's history is a remarkable experience. It's an honor to witness first hand the raw emotion, truth, and amazing love between two people. Delivering the album to bride & groom is another thing I enjoy. The "oohs and ahhs, " and hugs and tears of happiness are rewarding on a heart level!
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