Monday, July 21, 2008

Proposal Packages!

Recently a client asked me to help him with an amazing proposal, in Las Vegas - and as you know, I am in love with Las Vegas. And Greg wanted to do this RIGHT! Money was no object, he wanted to treat her to the most incredibly indulgent meal, and just a night she would not soon forget. Tina went on this vacation under the guise that this was a completely relaxing indulgent vacation.

He gave me the particulars, {basically wanted to propose the first night and play the rest of the trip}and let me go to work!! Basically all I did was present him with a timeline... and he was set!

Here's what went down!

Arrive in Las Vegas at 2PM, check into your Suite at The Palazzo.

3 o’clock – Massages In-Suite (Jealous yet!)
5 o’clock – Head to Bellagio for drinks at The Fontana Bar, outside on veranda overlooking the Fountain
Half Past 6 – Reservations at Picasso (this is my favorite part!!!)
The menu was preset- he picked all of her favorites, each was paired with a special wine

Maine Lobster Salad
with Apple-Champagne Vinaigrette
2005 Leeuwin Estate, Art Series, Riesling, Margaret River, Australia

Pan Seared Sea Scallops
with Potato Mousseline, Crispy Leeks and Jus de Veau
2005 Domaines Schlumberger, Les Princes Abbés, Pinot Gris, Alsace, France

Sautéed "A" Steak of Foie Gras
with Olsen Cherries, Crushed Almonds and Baltos Cinnamon Reduction
2003 The Royal Tokaji Wine Company, Tokaji Aszú, 5 Puttonyos, Mád, Hungary

Roasted Aged Lamb Chop
with Rosemary Potatoes and Au Jus
1999 Bodegas Mauro, Terreus, Pago de Cueva Baja, Vino de la Tierra Castilla Y León, Spain

Then her favorite dessert a Strawberry Neapolitan.

Now he didn’t ask her during the meal, or put a fancy “question” on the dessert…

Put at the end of the meal, the server placed the ring on the Dessert Tray filled with all sorts of delicate truffles that he brings out right before the check… Greg was cool as a cucumber this whole time, and really wasn’t worried about anything, because he knew that Picasso had it under-control.

Tina later told me that if she thought Greg would propose she thought he would had done it already, not wait until the end, end, end of the meal, so she was totally shocked, and everyone in the restaurant applauded!

Since I know from experience (it's a terrible side effect of this job) that the average meal at Picasso can last 3+ hours… they wouldn’t be done with dinner until after 9PM, knowing they’d be tired from the 3 hour time change… assumed they’d head back to the hotel. I pulled some strings and had their names on the VIP list for Tao at Venetian, in case they weren’t, uh, celebrating…

I really enjoyed planning their proposal! I know it was a relief to Greg too – especially since he called and texted me right after it happened to tell me everything was perfect!

Thank you Greg and Tina for allowing me to be apart of your fantastic proposal, and I am so excited about your wedding!!!

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