Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a Month!

I was just thinking that I am so glad- but sad, that June is over, and we can start a beautiful fresh new month!

We had 5 fantastic weddings in June, it was such an honor to be a part of these wonderful women, their families and their beautiful celebrations!

I wanted to share with you a few of the things that happened this month:

• A rental company never showed up with the chairs - we wound up having to head to our favorite hotel and begging to borrow chairs, luckily they came through like champs!!

• We sadly had a wedding called off - then I gave the bride some time to breathe - told her that I wouldn't do anything for 2 weeks, and voila, wedding was back on, and the ceremony was amazing!

• Bossy Intern Kristin did a wedding all by herself, and ROCKED it!!!

• OCD Melissa was able to let go enough for the above to occur! (that was a milestone!)

• We had the wrong color flowers delivered for a wedding, and the florist wound up spray painting the flowers... they were hot pink instead of burgundy!

• A photographer wanting to be the center of attention and attempting to take over the world!

• Melting Cheesecake inside! Cutting Scmuting, more like scooping!

And there's more that I can't even disuss on the blog.... and that's all in one month!

We did have some great experiences working with some pretty fantastical people like, Stewart Powers, K Gallery, Caroline Johnson, KB Kake Kreations, Ms. Debbie, Cakes by Jenny, Unforgettable Events, Pranges Florist, Celebrations Catering, The Hilton, Steve's, Solutions Entertainment, and Jay's Entertainment!

Thanks Guys for making our clients' dreams come true!


Allure Event Consulting said...

Wow, 5 weddings back to back. Your my hero! :)

*Michelle said...

I have to say, I am a fan of the month recap. Many of us blog stalkers (of the bride-to-be kind) love to read your blog and the recap of the reality of the behind the scenes is great. Also a big fan of hearing things that went wrong and how they were fixed. It really does help to calm the nerves knowing ahead of time that things happen, and with a little creativity, they can be fixed.

Heres looking forward to a new month of wedding fun!

JudithG said...

I just came upon your site through www.blogged.com - I love the monthly recap. It really gives a great perspective of all the craziness you must have to handle. Judith

Unknown said...

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