Friday, July 18, 2008

Photography Week - Phinished.

{Photo Credit: Damon Tucci Photography}

What a fun week! I hope you enjoyed the photographs and learning the different styles of each of the photographers, and what they are conscious about it.

To me, as a wedding consultant, I always, always take into consideration my clients wants, needs, and their personalitiy when referring a photographer to them.

Every photographer is different, their focus, their work, their style. Also the finished product - does the album tell a story, how do they use light in their photographs. All of these things play a role to me, and me knowing that my client will be happy with their priceless memories of their wedding day.

These are all things to look for when searching for the perfect person to capture your once-in-a-lifetime most cherished celebration!

A special thanks to Photography 35, Kara Pennington Photography, K-Gallery, Caroline Johnson, and Powers Photography for taking the time to answer my questions and send me pictures!
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