Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Like Sand Through The HourGlass

Just like sand through and hour glass, these are the days of my life. Weddings are the days of my life!

I started my company in 1996 (gosh, really... that long ago...hmph!) Now, I feel really old! But anyway, back to the hourglass.

I realized that a lot of time has gone by and I've told you very little about my own wedding. There are things that I wished I'd have done differently and things that I am so glad that we did do.

My husband and I were High School Sweethearts (yeah, get the ooooh and ahhhhh's out of your system!) So when we got married, which we did young - I had a very good idea of what I wanted. I mean, heck, I'd been planning this day since I was 5 years old playing with Barbie and Ken.

But then real life.... this thing is going to cost money, lots and lots of money.. so somethings had to be set aside. But a girl has priorities -

John and I wanted great food and great wine! I wanted big flowers, I mean really big flowers. (Don't laugh, that was in then, I promise!)

One thing, that we loved was that we had extra food brought out at the end of the reception, that was a big deal to my husband, knowing that people were going to drink... so having extra food available wound up to be the best decision we made!

One thing I regret, not having a professional photographer there on our wedding day, we just couldn't afford a good one, so we didn't do it. But looking back, those images would have been priceless!!! Seriously, priceless! We only have one good picture of us on our wedding day, and none of us and our families!

More Details on Our Wedding, tomorrow!
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